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Signet Accel Delivers True Interoperability to Healthcare with Avec™, Industry’s First Database Agnostic Data Integration Platform
- Fast-growing healthcare software and services company set to debut commercial federated data integration platform at the 2016 Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Conference and Exhibition in Las Vegas


COLUMBUS, Ohio – Software and services company Signet Accel announced today the official launch of Avec™, its commercial federated data integration platform delivering true interoperability to healthcare. Signet Accel will debut Avec in Booth 12550 at the 2016 Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Conference and Exhibition, commencing February 29 in Las Vegas.

 “With Avec, we’re connecting data as it is, and where it is,” said John Raden, chief executive officer of Signet Accel. “And we’re doing it now, not a decade from now. Providing physicians and researchers the ability to view, analyze and experiment with aggregated data from entirely disparate sources, globally, is a reality we provide our clients each day. As innovators, we believe technology plays a central role in how data is used to cure disease. Frankly, there’s nothing more exciting in the world of medicine.”

Avec was created at The Ohio State University in collaboration with investigators and technologists on an international scale. Purpose-built to deliver true interoperability to healthcare, Signet Accel’s proven platform was developed and perfected with an investment of more than 13 years and 20 million dollars. Avec enables analysis of complex, distributed healthcare data in a manner that is highly secure and protects the ownership and control of data at each site. It doesn’t require changes in the process of collecting data, the manner in which it’s stored, where it’s stored, how it’s structured or what language it speaks.

 “Simply put, Avec works when nothing else has,” said Dr. Philip Payne, co-creator of Avec, co-founder of Signet Accel, and Professor and Chair of the Department of Biomedical Informatics at The Ohio State University, College of Medicine. “Some people talk about interoperability as purely a technical problem, some people talk about it as a policy or standards problem, and some people talk about it as a usability or user experience problem.  True interoperability is when all three of these communities and their needs and approaches meet. We’ve deliberately designed a platform that is useful to clinicians, researchers, and decision makers—while also directly impacting patients, their families and their communities.”

Avec connects and harmonizes disparate databases across healthcare verticals, allowing researchers to identify patterns and trends over a large patient population and offering comprehensive insight into both research and patient treatment. Robust repositories of connected data are a key resource in realizing the promise of precision medicine, a research effort aimed at improving health and treating disease by accounting for patients’ individual differences. 

“Our work is about far more than code. When you’re talking about the health and wellbeing of people, especially in the case of illness, it’s always a race against the clock,” Raden said. “We’re only just now seeing large systems partner to begin the long and arduous process of determining how to align, share and exchange data, but we want the industry to know that true interoperability is already here. Each day, Avec connects data for our clients and enables them to safely share it, regardless of its starting point.”

In 2015, Signet Accel posted a six-fold increase in sales and added 28 new associates. The company projects a five-fold revenue increase in 2016, along with 20 additional jobs. Clients include The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center – The James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute, the Alliance of Dedicated Cancer Centers, the Hairy Cell Leukemia Foundation, the U.S. Department of Veterans’ Affairs VINCI initiative in partnership with Hewlett-Packard, and the Oncology Research Information Exchange Network (ORIEN).

Interested parties can visit Signet Accel in both the HIMSS Interoperability Showcase and in Booth 12550. Executives will be on hand to answer questions and Avec platform demonstrations will be provided.

About Signet Accel

Signet Accel’s Avec™ platform is true interoperability realized in healthcare. As the sole alternative to traditional, centralized data management solutions, Avec delivers the industry's only purpose-built commercial federated data integration platform, developed and refined over 12 years at The Ohio State University. Signet Accel’s software products and services power the work of consortia, institutions, and health professionals around the world with unmatched security, sharing capability and speed of discovery —advancing academic research, achieving meaningful use objectives, and enabling the continuum of care. Learn how to make your data meaningful and achieve true interoperability with


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