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AMC Health’s CareConsole Mobile™ Helps People Be Healthier Anywhere
Company previewing advanced virtual care mobile application at HIMSS 2016


NEW YORK, Feb. 18, 2016AMC Health, a leading provider of remote patient engagement solutions, today announced it has expanded its CareConsole™ platform to include the latest in high-resolution virtual care on mobile smartphone and tablet technology. AMC Health is one of the few healthcare technology companies that is singularly focused on care and outcomes rather than the device or the data delivery mechanism. Enhancing AMC Health’s robust interventional virtual care solutions, the innovative new CareConsole Mobile™ gives patients and providers exciting new options for their interactions – especially for patients who do not stay in a single location.

CareConsole is an advanced virtual care platform accessed via modern web technology on standard smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers. Designed by clinicians for clinicians, CareConsole works with an organization’s existing systems to make real-time information and reporting securely available to everyone who needs it. CareConsole integrates with multiple types of monitors and third-party EMRs to provide a single source of real-time information about a patient, including biometric, medication adherence, and self-reported symptomatic and behavioral data. Care managers use the comprehensive information to quickly identify at-risk patients and proactively intervene to prevent clinical deterioration.

The expansion to mobile combines live voice and video interaction with remote clinical assessments and biometric measurements for eVisits, face to face communication between patients and their care teams over a secure encrypted protocol. Biometric readings taken during the eVisit are displayed on screen, promoting more meaningful discussions and opportunities for health education and coaching. “The severity of a patient’s condition is rarely explained only by a patient’s vital signs,” said Jonathan Leviss, MD FACP, AMC Heath’s CMO. “An increase in a patient’s heart rate or blood pressure could indicate a new cardiac problem, or simply that the patient forgot to take a medication. An eVisit can quickly help the clinician make a more accurate assessment and either get a patient needed help or teach the importance of following a care plan, improving the health of the patient in either case.”  With CareConsole Mobile clinicians will easily connect with patients on the same platform they already use to monitor patients, rather than having to use a separate technology.  In addition to voice and video, secure instant messaging embedded in the mobile platform will facilitate simple asynchronous communication between patients and their care teams.

Using CareConsole Mobile, patients will receive interactive educational content and respond to surveys and clinical assessments, helping them adhere to care plans and assisting care managers in evaluating care plan effectiveness. Education and assessments are assigned at the population and patient levels and can be paused and resumed as necessary.

“CareConsole Mobile extends the reach of virtual care because patients can literally be anywhere and still stay connected with their care teams,” said Lloyd Mangnall, CHCIO, AMC Health’s CIO. “eVisits, surveys and assessments, educational content and messaging capabilities are all transmitted via secure encrypted connections. Where patients once needed to be tethered to a modem at a single location, now they can collaborate with their care team wherever they are in the manner most useful and rest assured that their health information is safe and secure. Conversely, care team members also have the flexibility of communicating with patients and other care providers through a variety of mechanisms without being hampered by physical location.”

CareConsole uses the latest open web standards for secure real-time web communication; this simplifies the VOIP (voice over Internet protocol) technology stack by eliminating proprietary client plug-ins and utilizing the standard HTTPS web transport protocol for voice, video and data through a modern web browser. CareConsole is agnostic to the RTC (real-time communications) platform and has been successfully integrated with multiple commercial RTC video platforms, further protecting the investment organizations have made in communications infrastructure.

CareConsole’s mobile and web user interfaces leverage a reactive architecture for cross-platform and cross-browser compatibility and has been designed from the ground up to facilitate comprehensive virtual care, even over patient-owned devices (BYOD). CareConsole Mobile also leverages a modular plugin architecture for easy integration of new Bluetooth sensors, allowing for support of theoretically limitless virtual care options. All peripheral attachments (blood pressure monitor, weight scale, glucose meter adapter and pulse oximeter) are available for use by the patient during the eVisit. The mobile platform connects via Bluetooth and transmits readings via secure cellular or Wi-Fi connection.

CareConsole Mobile will be previewing at HIMSS16 in Las Vegas and is a key phase in the migration of CareConsole’s technology stack to an innovative new virtual care infrastructure. The company will be showcasing these innovations in Booth 1165, Kiosk 37, in the Intelligent Health Pavilion, on the lower level of the convention center.

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AMC Health offers an FDA-cleared remote patient engagement solution supporting care program effectiveness, behavior change, and clinical efficiencies for chronic and post-acute populations. AMC Health’s performance is supported by a variety of peer-reviewed, published studies proving reduced medical costs and hospital readmissions, improved care management, and 3:1 return on investment, exceeding competitors’ less rigorous customer evaluations. AMC Health is headquartered in New York, NY.  For more information, visit

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