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apoQlar enters into Collaboration with Mayo Clinic to Advance Patient Care with Extended Reality Technology

ORLANDO, Fla., March 12, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- apoQlar, a pioneer in medical visualization technology, is excited to announce a collaboration with Mayo Clinic aimed at enhancing patient care through the innovative application of extended reality (XR) technology. This initiative is poised to set new standards in creating patient-specific care plans, thereby augmenting the precision and effectiveness of treatments.

This collaboration marries apoQlar's technological expertise with Mayo Clinic's medical excellence. Mayo Clinic will contribute its mastery in medical knowledge and clinical acumen to the project, aiming to develop personalized treatment plans for cancer patients through 3-dimensional modeling. The adoption of XR technology allows medical professionals to visualize complex medical data in three dimensions, providing unprecedented insight and understanding. Such advancements pave the way for the development of personalized care plans, ultimately improving patient outcomes and satisfaction.

Sirko Pelzl, CEO of apoQlar, shared his excitement about the collaboration, stating, "We aim to revolutionize patient care by incorporating cutting-edge XR technology into daily medical practices and workflows. This effort reflects our dedication to innovation and our belief in the power of technology to transform healthcare."

The use of XR technology in patient care is anticipated to offer extensive benefits, such as enhanced surgical planning, improved interdisciplinary team collaboration, and more effective patient education. This technology enables a more intuitive interaction with medical data and patient anatomy, facilitating a seamless bridge between digital information and its real-world application, which is expected to result in superior healthcare outcomes.

The collaboration will commence with a project dedicated to leveraging XR technology for developing personalized treatment plans within Mayo Clinic. The initial phase will focus on establishing virtual platforms that enable specialists to collaborate and devise optimal treatment plans for patients, utilizing a 3D interactive environment. This initiative aims to highlight the practical benefits of XR in healthcare, showcasing its potential to improve patient care and encourage its broader adoption throughout the medical field.

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apoQlar stands at the forefront of medical visualization technology, specializing in the creation of advanced XR solutions that simplify complex medical data into accessible visual formats. Committed to innovation and excellence, apoQlar strives to enhance patient care through the power of technology.

Note: Mayo Clinic has a financial interest in the technology mentioned in this release. Any revenue received by Mayo Clinic will be allocated towards supporting its non-profit mission in patient care, education, and research.


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