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The iGlucose® Challenge, a Pay-for-Performance Program Cutting the Cost of Managing Diabetes, is Being Issued for All US Healthcare Payors and Providers at the HIMSS Global Conference

Innovative no-risk opportunity to lowering A1C in persons with diabetes reducing the cost of care

TAMPA, Fla., April 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Smart Meter today announces a pay-for-performance program that reduces the costs associated with managing diabetes called the iGlucose Challenge to all healthcare payors and providers in the United States. The iGlucose Challenge is a collaboration with the leaders in cellular-enabled blood glucose monitoring and the payors and healthcare providers who are searching for new ways to reduce the burden of caring for persons with Type 2 diabetes. No up-front costs are required by the first three payors and providers that participate, and no fees for the enrolled patients or members. Smart Meter will donate cellular glucose meters, connectivity, testing supplies, and user education during the four-month program.

Diabetes places a tremendous financial burden on the US healthcare system. The American Diabetes Association estimates that direct medical costs for Diabetes in 2018 were $327 billion, up from $245 billion in 2012.1 Over 37 mission Americans have diabetes, and only 20% know it.2 The projections for future growth of the disease in the US show steady increases in both the volume of patients and the financial impact of caring for these patients. The iGlucose Challenge is a way to begin reducing the disease's effects on the US economy and helping those with diabetes understand how to improve their way of life.

The goals of the iGlucose Challenge are to reduce the total cost of care for payors and providers who treat patients with diabetes, reduce the A1C levels of patients, and help persons with diabetes better manage their disease. If patients lower their A1C after a 4-month period, a performance fee will be paid by the payor or participating healthcare provider organization for each successful patient or member.  If no reduction in A1C is measured, there is no charge for that patient, and they may keep the glucose meter and supplier.

"One of our primary responsibilities as the leading supplier of healthcare data and technology to the RPM industry is developing innovative approaches that help our nationwide network of customers expand care to a broader set of patients," stated Casey Pittock, CEO of Smart Meter, LLC. "The iGlucose Challenge is a new care model we developed to encourage payors and providers to expand services to patients who are not properly managing their diabetes or have been unable to do so due to economic factors."

More information about the iGlucose Challenge can be found by calling the SmartMeter iGlucose Challenge hotline at 844-445-0652 or emailing

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