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Seal Shield Unveils the Future of Intelligent Maintenance for ElectroClave™ UV-C Sanitization System

Seal Shield's ElectroClave™ provides Intelligent Sanitization Simplified

ORLANDO, Fla., March 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Seal Shield, LLC today unveiled intelligent maintenance configuration packages for the ElectroClave™ UV-C sanitization system in light of the upcoming HIMSS 2022 Global Health Conference. Building on the success of their UV-C technology, Seal Shield continues to innovate the market with the launch of comprehensive packages that include the effortless selection of device configurations, complimentary install, and annual maintenance services with essential features at no additional cost. The unprecedented bundle was developed to meet the efficiency needs of the healthcare market from both an infection control and IT standpoint. ElectroClave intelligent maintenance packages will now enable organizations to seamlessly sanitize and track their mobile fleets while greatly simplifying the maintenance experience.

"The healthcare space requires UV-C technologies to sanitize and track their mobile devices without causing damage."

"Our customers in the healthcare space require advanced UV-C technologies to adequately sanitize and track their mobile devices without causing damage to investments," states Seal Shield CEO, Brad Whitchurch. "The intelligent maintenance packages were created to improve the necessary maintenance process of the ElectroClave to better serve our customers."

In a study performed at the microbiology laboratory of the High Institute of Public Health, 40 mobile phones of patients and healthcare workers were collected from a hospital and tested for bacterial contamination. The results revealed that all the tested mobile phones (100%) were contaminated with either single or mixed bacterial agents. The most prevalent bacterial contaminants were methicillin-resistant S. aureus and coagulase-negative staphylococci. According to Dr. Charles Gerba, a professor of microbiology at the University of Arizona, "Mobile phones are now mobile germ devices," Gerba said. "You get a germ on your hand, and you use your phone. Then you go wash your hands later, but the germs are still on your phone."

To address this critical challenge, Seal Shield developed the ElectroClave™. The ElectroClave 360-degree UV-C sanitization system offers proven clean, safe, and efficient UV-C LED sanitization. The ElectroClave is 99.9% effective against: Staphylococcus, Escherichia coli, MRSA and CRE on hard, non-porous surfaces using the power of ultraviolet light. The ElectroClave achieves this on mobile devices including cellphones, tablets, and personal items with zero percent material degradation.

What enables the ElectroClave to sanitize devices and expensive equipment without causing damage is that the system utilizes LED bulbs as opposed to harmful mercury bulbs. In a recent study, "UV-C Degradation of Plastics: Comparison of ElectroClave LEDs versus Low-Pressure Mercury Lamp," experiments were performed on ABS plastics exposed to UV-C light from a low-pressure mercury lamp. The findings concluded that after elongated exposure to low-pressure mercury lamps, the ABS plastics noticeably yellowed from UV damage. Mechanically, the ABS plastics lost significant tensile strength with the formation of microfissures. The same testing was performed using the LED bulb based ElectroClave. The results revealed that there were no visual differences in the ABS plastics such as discoloration or loss of tensile strength.

The new intelligent maintenance features will enhance the ElectroClave's longevity and performance with cost-free consumable replacements and real-time status of investment.

Seal Shield's patented ElectroClave™ UV-C sanitization systems will be featured at the HIMSS22 healthcare exhibit In Orlando, Florida, March 15-17 (Seal Shield Booth #5573) and positioned throughout the conference for convenient sanitization of attendees' cell phones, tablets, badge readers and other mobile devices. 

Seal Shield is a world leader in innovative technologies. Seal Shield designs, develops, and manufactures advanced solutions, including waterproof keyboards and mice, multilayer screen protectors, and UV-C sanitization technology.

For more information, contact Scott Filion, Seal Shield CSO:  (603) 781-7521 

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