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USPTO Issues Patent for ElectroClave™ UV-C Disinfection System
Seal Shield's ElectroClave™ proven effective against the "Superbug," MRSA

ORLANDO, Fla., Aug. 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Seal Shield, LLC today announced the issuance of US Utility Patent No.: US 11,058,783 B2 for the ElectroClave™ "UV Sterilization System and Device and Related Methods." Seal Shield's ElectroClave™ UV-C Mobile Device Disinfection system has been validated as a unique, novel method to effectively reduce 99.9% of the "Superbug" MRSA, as well as other dangerous pathogens including VRE, MRSA, CRE, S. aureus and E.coli on hard, non-porous surfaces, such as cell phones and tablets.

Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), commonly known as the "Superbug," is dangerous because it is highly contagious, resistant to antibiotics, and can spread through contact with infected surfaces. The ElectroClave is specifically designed to address this problem by utilizing UV-C LED light to eliminate 99.9% of MRSA and other dangerous pathogens on mobile device surfaces without damaging the device.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates 80% of all infections are transmitted by hands, with smartphones having become an extension of that.  According to Dr. Charles Gerba, a professor of microbiology at the University of Arizona, "Mobile phones are now mobile germ devices," Gerba said. "You get a germ on your hand, and you use your phone. Then you go wash your hands later, but the germs are still on your phone."

To address this critical challenge, Seal Shield has developed the ElectroClaveTM. The ElectroClaveTM uses UV-C LED technology to achieve 360-degree disinfection of mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, reducing MRSA, CRE, VRE, S. aureus, and E. coli by 99.9% on hard, non-porous surfaces. The ElectroClave UV-C LED technology is unique in that it effectively disinfects devices without ozone creation or material degradation caused by traditional UV light sources. Device compliance and inventory are managed via an RFID software backbone, while disinfection reminders and compliance monitoring are accomplished via push notifications through the accompanying app.  

Seal Shield's patented ElectroClave™ UV-C disinfection systems will be featured at the HiMSS21 healthcare exhibit In Las Vegas, NV, August 11-13 at the Sands Convention Center (Seal Shield booth #1838) and positioned throughout the conference for convenient sterilization of cell phones, tablets, badge readers and other mobile devices. 

Seal Shield is a world leader in healthcare innovation. Seal Shield designs, develops, and manufactures medical-grade solutions, including waterproof keyboards and mice, multilayer screen protectors, and UV-C disinfection technology.

For more information, contact Scott Filion, Seal Shield CSO:  (603) 781-7521

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