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PerfectServe Announces Next Generation of Its Cloud-Based Nurse Mobility Solution to Help Improve Patient Care
Enhancements include native VoIP dialer as well as integrations with nurse call and live waveforms

KNOXVILLE, Tenn., March 4, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- PerfectServe®, a leading provider of cloud-based clinical communication and collaboration (CC&C) solutions, today unveiled the next generation of its Nurse Mobility solution to further strengthen a growing platform that already counts 230,000 nurses among its user base. A new, embedded VoIP dialer offers easy-to-use, high quality voice communication and streamlines the user experience for nurses by providing a single inbox for all calls, secure messages, and integrated alerts. Integrations with nurse call systems and the AirStrip ONE® patient monitoring solution—which displays live waveforms—add to the wide variety of real-time patient alerts that can be seamlessly delivered with PerfectServe's Dynamic Intelligent Routing®.

"When you're a patient, nothing is more important to your experience than having a compassionate and responsive care team," said Steve Sarros, Vice President and CIO of Baptist Health Care in Pensacola, Florida. "By placing the most timely and relevant patient information right in the nurse's hand using device-agnostic technology, PerfectServe promotes better care team collaboration and gives nurses the freedom to focus on what they do best—take care of patients."

A native VoIP dialer brings easy-to-use, high quality voice communication to PerfectServe's cloud-based Nurse Mobility solution. Roughly 70% of nurse communication still happens by voice, and by adding the dialer into its platform, PerfectServe offers a better user experience by giving nurses a single application to check for all communication—calls, secure messages, and alerts. This integration opens up new workflow options, allowing missed calls to become voice messages that are routed with the same notification and escalation parameters as other communication types. PerfectServe also supports enterprise telephony integration, which enables extension-based dialing between mobile or desk phones, inside or outside of the hospital.

PerfectServe offers direct integration with nurse call solutions, eliminating the need for middleware. Nurse call is a vital part of the care delivery process, as over 70% of a nurse's hundreds of daily patient alerts are initiated through a nurse call system. PerfectServe can intelligently route each alert type, meaning routine alerts—such as water requests—can be delivered to a patient care tech, freeing the nurse to respond to more significant clinical matters. PerfectServe also supports more personal patient encounters by allowing nurses to place voice calls directly to the pillow speaker. In addition, its automated escalation measures improve patient safety by ensuring that communications do not go unnoticed.

With its new AirStrip ONE® integration, PerfectServe brings predictive warning alerts right to the smartphone for patients at risk of deterioration. When a patient's condition changes, AirStrip ONE® provides confirmation of the alert by using PerfectServe's intelligent routing to deliver the notification to the correct nurse for that patient. The alert message includes key values and a deep link that launches a live waveform dashboard in the AirStrip ONE® application. This integration gives nurses sophisticated remote monitoring capabilities and allows them to react quickly to potentially serious patient events.

These new features supplement a platform that supports robust care team collaboration for nurses:

  • PerfectServe's Nurse Mobility solution is cloud-based, a more cost effective model that allows healthcare systems to focus on care delivery instead of data center management.
  • Communication in PerfectServe—from secure messaging to alerts and alarms—follows physician on-call schedules and other complex routing rules to avoid costly communication breakdowns that contribute to sentinel events and financial waste.
  • Through EHR integration, PerfectServe supports nurses in their care coordination role by giving them a consistent, easy way to find and communicate with all members of a patient's care team.
  • To ensure that nurses can respond to patient events quickly, PerfectServe integrates to deliver alerts from a wide variety of sources, from biomedical devices and physiological monitors to systems that deliver lab results and order notifications.
  • Beyond giving teams one way to communicate with everyone, PerfectServe integrates with existing directory systems and incorporates a unified clinical directory that also includes features such as ED on-call schedules, code alerts and rapid response teams, and more.

"With this next generation of our Nurse Mobility solution, we're equipping nurses with better tools and pertinent information so they can provide the best patient care possible," said PerfectServe CEO Guillaume Castel. "Nurses are the backbone of our healthcare system, and supporting their care delivery efforts will always be one of PerfectServe's primary objectives."

Learn more about the PerfectServe portfolio at the 2020 HIMSS Global Health Conference & Exhibition in Orlando. From March 10 to 12, visit PerfectServe at booth 4346.

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PerfectServe's unified platform for clinical communication and collaboration helps physicians, nurses, and care team members improve patient care. The PerfectServe and Telmediq solutions automate communication-driven workflows, eliminate non-clinical tasks, promote nurse mobility, and engage patients in their own care, resulting in quicker time to treatment and enhanced patient safety. The Lightning Bolt provider scheduling solution automatically generates optimized shift schedules to reduce burnout and increase patient access. PerfectServe's scalable, cloud-based solutions allow 135,000 physician users and 230,000 nurse users to focus on delivering the best care experience for more than 20 million patients every year. Headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee, PerfectServe has been impacting healthcare delivery since 1999.

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