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At the Heartbeat of Mobility and UV Disinfection Technology, Seal Shield LLC Exhibits at HIMSS 2017
Healthcare technology company showcases mobile device management system with UV disinfection at healthcare information and management systems society tradeshow

ORLANDO, Fla., Feb. 20, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Seal Shield LLC (Jacksonville, FL) brings its health IT solution for mobile device management and disinfection, the ElectroClave™, to the exhibit floor for the 2017 HIMSS Conference and Exhibition in Orlando, Fla. from February 20-23, 2017 at Booth #4444.

Mobile devices have become commonplace in today's healthcare landscape, but with this progression of technology comes a new set of concerns, including the disinfection and tracking of these devices.  The ElectroClave™ provides an all-encompassing solution to mobile device management and disinfection, utilizing superior technology to provide hospitals peace of mind over their investments.  The LED UV-C disinfection process of the ElectroClave™ destroys bacteria and viruses in just minutes on the entire surface of the device, while the RFID tracking system and management portal allows for complete oversight of the facility's mobile environment.

At the heart of the ElectroClave™ is the web-based management portal, an invaluable tool for setting up compliance parameters and notifications to support disinfection policies and asset management, giving vital oversight to IT and Administrators.  The device can also be daisy-chained to accommodate the appropriate number of mobile devices, and is currently distributed through major IT and healthcare distributors worldwide.

"The ElectroClave™ acts like a network administrator type of software that sits behind the hardware and compiles data, showing live inventory and usage, allowing managers to know who cleaned what, when, how and where," explains Scott Filion, Chief Sales Officer of Seal Shield, "it also charges devices using smart-charging technology, reimages or syncs them, and disinfects all in only 13 minutes."

There are currently five organizations piloting the systems, including Yale-New Haven Hospital in Connecticut, Kaiser Permanente's Anaheim Medical Center in California, and Utah-based Intermountain Healthcare.  The 90-day pilot programs are "going very well", says Filion, adding that customers are already requesting similar devices for other types of equipment, including infusion pumps, blood pressure cuffs and more, and Seal Shield plans to develop a "suite of cabinets" to address multiple needs.

The HIMSS Annual Conference, where the brightest minds in health and IT meet, is the perfect place for the ElectroClave™ to shine, as its revolutionary technology fulfills the needs of multiple departments of any healthcare system either currently using or looking to implement mobile devices.

Seal Shield is a world leader in infection control technology, specializing in washable electronics and antimicrobial science. Seal Shield designs, develops and manufactures medical grade, infection prevention technology for hospitals and the home, including UV disinfection devices, antimicrobial products, screen protectors, waterproof keyboards, mice, and TV remotes. For more information please visit

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