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Sonitor® Technologies To Announce Launch of SenseAlert, SenseSafe and SmartTag Temperature Tags, Enabling Three New Sonitor RTLS Applications At 2016 HIMSS Conference
Company adds industry-leading patient wandering, staff duress and temperature monitoring capabilities


LAS VEGAS, Feb. 27, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Sonitor Technologies, Inc., a global leader in indoor positioning technologies, announced today the expansion of its industry-leading Sonitor Sense™ RTLS open integration platform. SenseAlert™, SenseSafe™, and SmartTag™ Temperature Tags incorporate Sonitor's proprietary SmartZoning™ ultrasound positioning technology, with Wi-Fi and LF technologies. These new advances respond to ensuring the safety of increasing patient populations at memory care facilities, the rising rate of workplace violence, and the need for temperature monitoring over a range of applications in healthcare and other industries.  Sonitor will demonstrate these new solutions at Booth 8016 during the HIMSS 2016 in Las Vegas.

Sonitor's SmartZoning technology delivers the most flexible, accurate, and reliable indoor positioning data available on the market for room, bay, and chair level tracking and location accuracy, and for creating chokepoints. SmartZoning technology leverages the power of Sense QuadLTs to essentially 'frame' discrete areas and create virtual walls on-demand, and easily and reliably deliver high definition, distinct zones within an existing space and/or create chokepoints for access monitoring.  It also leverages SmartTags which are embedded with the logic to know their location and communicate instantaneously over Wi-Fi networks when their positions change, giving customers the accuracy they need to confidently do more with less. 

SenseAlert technology provides a discreet, flexible solution for helping solve potentially dangerous situations like patient wandering and unauthorized access to sensitive areas of the facility. Powered by the state-of-the-art, power-efficient SenseAlert QuadLT+ with both ultrasound and LF, this system delivers 'on-demand' zone coverage and accurate, reliable chokepoints at exits and entrances.  The QuadLT+ is designed with optional vandal-proof covers to meet international IKlO standards for ruggedness and impact and will also allow for more direct transmission of the ultrasound signal helping extend the battery life of the devices by reducing signal attenuation. When coupled with Sonitor's SenseAlert SmartTag and SenseAlert Tamper resistant band, this real-time indoor positioning system can help locate individuals who have wandered or individuals entering unauthorized areas by immediately and accurately pinpointing their exact location.  This provides customers the confidence they need to discreetly protect sensitive areas and keep patients safe without compromising freedom of movement. (

SenseSafe technology is specifically designed for duress and safety applications. If a staff member or clinician is facing assault or other threatening situations, they can quickly and discreetly press a button on their tag to immediately provide their exact location, enabling a timely response from other staff or emergency responders. In addition, the Sense QuadLTs (location transmitters), are designed with optional vandal-proof covers to meet international IKlO standards for ruggedness and impact and will also allow for more direct transmission of the ultrasound signal helping extend the battery life of the devices by reducing signal attenuation. Sonitor's SenseSafe duress technology solution addresses staff safety concerns, reduces emergency response times, prevents injuries, and performs these actions discreetly, confidently keeping safe all that matters. (

Temperature SmartTag 
The Temperature SmartTag series supports temperature monitoring over a wide range of applications including monitoring of pharmacies, clinical labs, and blood bank storage areas. The tags can be configured to report temperature measurements at regular intervals.  They are equipped with either an internal sensor or an external probe containing the sensor providing the flexibility to confidently monitor and control their environment for the best results. (

"With these latest additions, Sonitor Technologies continues to expand its industry leading indoor positioning portfolio addressing the critical needs of our customers." said Anne Bugge, President and CEO of Sonitor Technologies, Inc.  "The pace at which RTLS is advancing and being rapidly adopted across markets and applications is remarkable and the Sonitor team is very proud to lead the way.  The expansion of our Sonitor Sense platform with these enhanced capabilities delivers even greater operational and clinical impact across more departments and markets providing further impetus for hospitals and other industries to expand or explore RTLS implementation in their facilities."

About Sonitor Technologies, Inc. (  
Sonitor Technologies' tiered resolution Real Time Location Systems (RTLS), with patented High Definition Ultrasound capabilities, are specifically developed and designed for indoor positioning in complex environments. Sonitor has developed the healthcare industry's most advanced open integration RTLS platform, Sonitor Sense™, a wireless system which supports a wide range of applications to make hospital operations more efficient. Sonitor is selected by world-class partners to build industry-leading solutions for global deployment.

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