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Sonitor Invites Attendees to Experience "Impossible" Smartphone Innovation for Indoor Positioning and RTLS at HIMSS18
Sonitor continues to focus on delivering innovation, accuracy, reliability and flexibility across all RTLS use cases to drive operational efficiency, productivity and higher quality of care in healthcare
- Innovation: The company's latest platform and technology, Forkbeard™ with Lyra™ and ultraBeacons™, to deliver accurate wayfinding and 100% room level accuracy through smartphones
- Accuracy and reliability: Combining Sonitor Sense™ and Forkbeard delivers wayfinding with accuracy to within 1 foot, 100% area, room, bay and sub-bay accuracy with 1-2 second update rates
- Flexibility: Smartphone, tag and badge positioning; Forkbeard and Sense compatibility, future proofing investments

STAMFORD, Conn., March 5, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Sonitor, the global leader in ultrasound-based indoor positioning technology, announced today its program for the HIMSS Annual Conference & Exhibition in Las Vegas, Nevada, March 5-9, 2018. Visitors to the Sonitor booth #7213 will have the unique opportunity to experience live demonstrations of the Sonitor Sense and newly introduced Forkbeard indoor positioning platforms. The powerful, unique combination of Forkbeard and Sense delivers unparalleled indoor positioning accuracy through the 1 billion smartphones on the market today and through SmartTags™, SmartTag Minis™ and SmartBadges™.

At HIMSS18, the company will feature live demonstrations of their Forkbeard and Sense technologies, showcasing the importance and proven performance of Sonitor's highly accurate and reliable indoor positioning data supporting wayfinding, room, bay and sub-bay environments. On display at HIMSS18:

  • Forkbeard: This new, patented technology platform represents a new paradigm in indoor positioning.
  • Lyra™: Lyra allows smart devices (phone, tablet, smartwatch, etc) or PC's to be positioned accurately using Fast Ultrasound Echo Location (FUEL) technology.
  • ultraBeacon™: ultraBeacons are the location transmitters used in the Forkbeard platform. The ultraBeacon is a small (approximately the size of an AppleTV), battery operated (4 AA alkaline cell batteries) device combining RF, including BLE, and ultrasound technology.
  • Sense: The proven Sense technology platform reliably delivers room, bay and sub-bay level accuracy. A single Sonitor Sense Location Transmitter (LTs) can be used to create up to 4 RTLS zones.
  • SenseVIEW™: SenseVIEW is a state-of-the-art software program that provides customers with immediate, visual confirmation that their system is working optimally. System health and performance of both Forkbeard and Sense can easily be monitored and managed through SenseVIEW™.

Sonitor's technology launch partners STANLEY Healthcare (booth #2243) and Honeywell (booth #3408) will also demonstrate the company's Forkbeard technology platform in their booths at HIMSS18.

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About Sonitor
Sonitor is a leading provider and innovator of accurate and reliable ultrasound-based Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) and Indoor Positioning Systems (IPS) linking the physical world with the Internet of Things (IoT) to provide real-time visibility and connected intelligence. As the first and only company to use proprietary ultrasound technology as the primary technology for indoor positioning, Sonitor's SenseTM and ForkbeardTM platforms work seamlessly together to help users navigate indoor environments and automatically determine the real-time location of moveable equipment and people. With its open integration platform, Sonitor provides the flexibility to leverage best-in-class software application solutions covering use cases such as wayfinding, nurse call, patient flow, workflow and capacity management, hand hygiene, infection control and asset and inventory management.