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Signet Accel to Attend National Cancer Moonshot Summit in Washington, D.C.
Fast-growing healthcare software and services company among select few invited to attend; Signet Accel will represent its flagship product, Avec™—a federated data integration platform deliberately designed for use in healthcare

WASHINGTON--Software and services company Signet Accel will attend the invite-only national Cancer Moonshot Summit on June 29 in Washington, D.C., hosted by Vice President Joe Biden. Aimed at creating action and fostering collaborations around the goals of the Cancer Moonshot, it will be the very first time that stakeholders representing all types of cancers will convene under one national charge. Signet Accel is invited to attend the Cancer Moonshot Summit live in Washington, D.C. and represent its federated data integration platform, Avec™.

[email protected] selected to attend national #CancerMoonshot Summit in Washington, D.C. #interoperability #bigdata

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“Our roots are in cancer research. With Avec, we bring to the table a proven platform for data integration and sharing in what is an undeniably complex healthcare and research environment,” said John Raden, Signet Accel Chief Executive Officer. “An invitation to attend the Cancer Moonshot Summit alongside our country’s brightest medical minds is an honor and testament to our commitment to data sharing through true interoperability in healthcare.”

Attendees include leaders representing the entire cancer community—including researchers, doctors, scientists, philanthropists, community oncologists, advocates, patients and survivors.

“The Moonshot cannot be achieved by one person, one organization, one discipline, or even one collective approach,” Vice President Biden said. “Solving the complexities of cancer will require the formation of new alliances to defy the bounds of innovation and accelerate the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and—ultimately—a cure. It’s going to require millions of Americans speaking up and contributing what they’re able. That’s what the Cancer Moonshot is all about.”

“In our office, we are driven daily by the knowledge that every piece of data we come in contact with represents a person—a friend, a loved one, a relative, a colleague. Our work is about far more than code, and that’s what keeps us pushing forward to harness the power of dynamic and multi-dimensional data in healthcare,” Raden said. “There’s a perception in the industry that true interoperability just isn’t possible. We’re here to dispel that doubt. It’s happening now, and it can be done in a way that not only benefits investigators, clinicians and patients, but also the bottom line—without sacrificing data ownership or patient privacy. I can think of nothing more rewarding than bringing more data to the fight against cancer. Ultimately, our work is about bringing data together and saving more lives. ”

Signet Accel’s federated data integration platform provides the ability to connect and harmonize disparate databases, allowing researchers to identify patterns and trends across a large patient population and offering comprehensive insight into cancer research and treatment. With a pristine repository of consented data, including genomic and biospecimen data, researchers can target therapies faster and with greater precision.

Signet Accel currently employs Avec to connect data in cancer research with the international Hairy Cell Leukemia Foundation, using the power of true interoperability in rare disease. Additionally, the nation’s third-largest cancer hospital, The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center – The James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute, looks to Avec to enable data capture, sharing and matching—while maintaining patient privacy—in a Cancer Research Information Exchange spanning multiple cancer centers nationwide.

In January of this year, President Obama signed a Presidential Memorandum establishing a first-of-its-kind federal task force to end cancer as we know it. The Task Force, chaired by Vice President Biden, is comprised of leaders from every federal agency that has a part to play in addressing cancer. The administration also announced a new $1 billion initiative to jumpstart the Cancer Moonshot. The day-long summit will take place Wednesday at Howard University.

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Signet Accel’s Avec™ platform is true interoperability realized in healthcare. As the sole alternative to traditional, centralized data management solutions, Avec™ delivers the industry's only purpose-built commercial federated data integration platform, developed and refined over 12 years at The Ohio State University. Signet Accel’s software products and services power the work of consortia, institutions, and health professionals around the world with unmatched security, sharing capability and speed of discovery —advancing academic research, achieving meaningful use objectives, and enabling the continuum of care. Learn how to make your data meaningful and achieve true interoperability with



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