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Signet Accel and ACRES Bring Interoperability to Global Biopharma Clinical Research System
Signet Accel’s Avec® platform securely connects disparate clinical trial and health data among clinical research networks—accelerating discovery and innovation in medicine while leveraging existing health research technologies and investments

COLUMBUS, Ohio--Signet Accel, a software and services company specializing in data integration and harmonization, today announced a partnership with the Alliance for Clinical Research Excellence and Safety (ACRES), a non-profit, multi-sector collaborative bringing together diverse stakeholders in clinical research and healthcare with a shared goal of accelerating medicine development with greater safety, speed and efficiency. Signet Accel’s Avec® platform will deliver true interoperability and data sharing to ACRES’ diverse stakeholders and functions within clinical research. This strategic partnership will critically extend the capabilities of the open, shared IT platform central to ACRES’ efforts to create an integrated global clinical research system.

Signet Accel and ACRES deliver interoperability to global biopharma clinical research system with Avec® platform

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“Clinical research and healthcare are highly fragmented; data generated by diverse applications remains in silos, limiting accessibility and utilization,” said John Raden, CEO of Signet Accel. “Avec brings this data together in a federated model, allowing users to effectively and securely share their data with one another, as it is and where it is—without moving it, without changing existing processes and without bringing it to a single standard.”

Avec is a database-agnostic data integration platform purpose-built to serve the healthcare industry. Avec connects and harmonizes disparate databases, allowing researchers to identify patterns and trends across large patient populations and offers comprehensive insight into both research and treatment. Its application to clinical research processes will enable new systems-focused data integration capabilities.

“Greater access to data equals greater opportunity for progress in finding cures, and a federated approach allows everyone to keep their systems in place but work together as if they were one,” Raden continued.

ACRES will deploy Avec in conjunction with its BlueCloud network to securely connect patients, research sites, sponsors, CROs and regulatory agencies worldwide, creating a global integration platform for health sciences that supports health innovation advancement.

“Connectivity and interoperability are essential to any effective system. Biopharma relies on a 50 year-old drug-development process that is fragmented, dysfunctional and inefficient, wasting billions annually,” said Dr. Greg Koski, president and CEO of ACRES. “Every delay causes harm as patients wait for medicines. Delivering true interoperability within a secure federated environment means immediate, easy access to shared data, facilitated protocol design, enhanced participation in trials, decreased discovery time of new medicines and greater flexibility in the repurposing of existing medicines. Avec is crucial in making this a reality.”

Operating in the public interest, ACRES facilitates responsible biomedical product development and health research by leveraging the expertise and investments of research stakeholders worldwide to build and maintain a global system for clinical trials—trials conducted responsibly using the highest safety, quality and efficiency standards while aligning ethical principles with good business practices.

“As values-driven organizations in an industry that often forgets the human face of interoperability, our respective missions are in perfect alignment,” Raden said. “We both seek to improve patients’ quality of life through more effective use of data. We do it through bits and bytes and HIT and ACRES does it through a systems approach to clinical trials and research. We provide the technical means to shorten time of discovery and ultimately improve care and find cures. It’s a natural partnership that we all feel great about.”

Koski agreed. “All of us will be patients eventually. Together, we’re building a system that benefits everyone in clinical research. Allowing connectivity and interoperability among stakeholders enables a safer, faster and more efficient process to get medicines to the people who need them.”

About Signet Accel

Signet Accel’s Avec® platform is true interoperability realized in healthcare. The sole alternative to traditional, centralized data management solutions, Avec® delivers the industry's only purpose-built commercial federated data integration platform, developed and refined over 12 years at The Ohio State University. Signet Accel’s software products and services power the work of consortia, institutions, and health professionals around the world with unmatched security, sharing capability and speed of discovery - advancing academic research, achieving meaningful use objectives, and enabling the continuum of care. Learn how to make your data meaningful and achieve true interoperability with

About Alliance for Clinical Research Excellence and Safety (ACRES)

The Alliance for Clinical Research Excellence and Safety (ACRES) is a non-profit multi-sector alliance bringing together stakeholders across clinical research, harnessing their expertise to collaboratively build an open, integrated global system based in principles of Accountable Research™ and adapting lessons from industries that successfully implemented principles of systems and safety engineering, such as transportation, communications and information technology. For more information visit


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