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Phynd Technologies Announces New Capabilities and New Investment
Enhances ability to amplify the benefits of accurate provider data across healthcare systems and clinically integrated networks.

DALLAS, TX. Feb. 8, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Phynd Technologies, Inc., continues leading the charge to simplify provider data management and amplify the organizational benefits of working with accurate provider data, by announcing the release of new capability to their Phynd Unified Provider Management (UPM) platform, called Phynd A Doc.

Phynd A Doc enables the curation, search and display of customer specific provider data from the Phynd UPM platform to enhance web searches via external and internal ‘Find  A Physician’ search sites. Phynd A Doc significantly improves the granularity, effectiveness and accuracy of online provider search by referring physicians and the patient community, and benefits referral management and provider outreach.

Phynd Technologies is demonstrating the Phynd UPM platform and Phynd A Doc at the HIMSS 2017 Conference and Exhibition, February 19-23 in Orlando, Fl., in Innovation Zone; Booth 7785 - Kiosk 3. Whether you are a clinically integrated network struggling to manage an exploding quantity of provider data, or you need to improve the effectiveness of your online provider search capability, the Phynd UPM platform can help.

At HIMSS ’17, hear this presentation by Michael Meade from Orlando Health and our CEO Thomas White:

What is Disrupting Provider Data Management?
February 21, 2017; 11:30am ET
Innovation Zone; Booth 7785; Session ID: IZ19

Phynd Technologies also announces a new investment by Rex Health Ventures, the private investment arm of UNC REX Healthcare. This strategic partnership will strengthen Phynd Technologies and accelerate the development of new provider management tools. “We welcome opportunities to support promising companies that are improving the delivery of health care, and believe that the Phynd UPM platform offers an innovative solution,” said Steve Burriss, president of UNC REX Healthcare.

“Phynd A Doc is the first of many applications we will develop to leverage the value of the accurate provider data in the Phynd UPM platform”, says Tom White, CEO, Phynd Technologies. “This investment by Rex Health Ventures, and the IT and operations expertise that UNC provides, will strengthen our existing relationship and enable us to accelerate our development plans.”

About Phynd Technologies, Inc.

Launched in 2013, Phynd offers a Unified Provider Management (UPM) Platform that enables healthcare organizations to securely gather, manage, and share mission-critical provider data across their core IT systems to amplify financial results, clinical outcomes, and compliance. Phynd is the first healthcare IT company to combine external and internal provider data sources and provide workflow tools to create one composite provider data profile that populates all healthcare IT systems. Further, Phynd is focused on leveraging its core capabilities to offer healthcare providers unique applications and services that solve problems using accurate healthcare provider data. Phynd’s UPM Platform is now used in more than 175 hospitals to manage a single, verified source of provider data, sharable throughout the enterprise. Learn more at

About UNC REX Healthcare

Rex Health Ventures was formed in 2012 to partner with innovative healthcare companies whose technologies improve the quality of care, reduce costs and increase access. UNC REX Healthcare, the Raleigh-based member of the UNC Health Care system, was one of the first community hospitals in the nation to launch its own venture fund, building on a long history of innovation. With more than 6,400 co-workers, UNC REX is a private, not-for-profit health care system and member of UNC Health Care. To learn more, click here.

Tom White, CEO
Phynd Technologies