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Digital Health Startup Bridges the Communication Gap Between Patients, Care providers and Health researchers
Focus on Cancer, Depression and Smoking Addiction

POTOMAC, Md., March 6, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- PerSoN Clinic LLC introduced today a unique digital health patient-provider engagement platform. See this technology in person at the HIMSS 2018 Conference in Las Vegas.

The Personal Social Network Clinic (PerSoN Clinic) is a patent-pending multi-chronic conditions patient self-management / remote monitoring platform. Our four guiding principles: Inform, Consult, Empower, and Collaborate align with the National Institute of Health Standard of Care for creating effective disease management. PerSoN Clinic offers patients three health Modules: Pain / Symptom management, Depression self-discovery and Management, and Smoking Cessation tools. We enable patients to manage their smoking addiction, depression, pain and other symptoms all in one application. Smoking and Depression are interrelated and highly prevalent in cancer patients and other chronic conditions.

The PerSoN Clinic symptom tracker features the National Cancer Institute Symptom Library (called PRO-CTCAE). This has been designed to objectively collect and convert meaningful symptoms into clinically useful data. Cancer patients and their providers can correlate treatments to pain, and to the patient's quality of life (PQOL).  

The PerSoN Clinic Smoking cessation tool was designed in collaboration with the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIH/NIDA). Care providers utilize PerSoN to monitor the patient's progress remotely and provide real-time intervention and e-counseling support. Researchers can use PerSoN to collaborate with caregivers and patients. Combining the patient's clinical and physiological data, social behavior, and environmental conditions, can result in better outcomes. PerSoN Clinic utilizes BIG Data and its own proprietary Artificial Intelligence engine. 

PerSoN Clinic converts subjective conversations into measurable, standardized data. PerSoN Clinic is a comprehensive approach to empowering patients and caregivers using real-time condition tracking, an online PerSoN Community, a Private Virtual Circle Support Group, Online library, and a Daily Journal. 

PerSoN Clinic is an evidenced based, comprehensive digital health solution capable of filling the communication gap between patients, caregivers, care providers and researchers.  

Expand Your Clinical Trials beyond geographical limitations and access diverse populations. PerSoN Clinic provides new unique data collection methods. By using remote monitoring and patient engagement, we can enhance knowledge of a disease's trajectory and treatment efficacy.

PerSoN Clinic technology is available to any patient around the world FREE in the Apple and Android online app stores.

See a LIVE DEMO of PerSoN Clinic for care providers and health researchers at the HIMSS Innovation Live- Start-up Showcase – Kiosk 9900-70.

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