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Laurel Bridge Software announces support for RESTful DICOMweb™
Part of a major software upgrade that facilitates the implementation of new cloud-based imaging services.

NEWARK, DE, May 20, 2021 -- Laurel Bridge Software, a provider of imaging software solutions that enable health systems to orchestrate their medical imaging workflows, announces support for RESTful DICOMweb™ services as part of a significant software upgrade for their CompassTM - Routing Workflow Manager.

Support for RESTful DICOMweb™ services is important because it supports a significant industry trend towards cloud based medical imaging workflows that are designed around DICOMweb™ technology. Most existing PACS and imaging modalities do not support RESTful DICOMweb™ services, however, there is an increasing requirement for such devices to communicate with cloud-based applications and devices.  The now available DICOMweb™ support enables the integration of traditional DICOM and DICOMweb™. The accelerated adoption of cloud-based archives and applications, including integration with AI algorithms and research initiatives, are driving this requirement.

This new software provides the following benefits:

  • Expands existing Compass Router capabilities
  • Eliminates the need for an additional DIMSE to DICOMweb translator
  • Improves communication amongst our entire enterprise solutions suite
  • Simplifies integration with the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Healthcare API

“We have seen RESTful services move from the periphery into the mainstream of medical imaging workflow”, says Jeff Blair, President of Laurel Bridge Software. “The trend toward web- and cloud-based services has been gradual yet steady. However, the number of new cloud-based AI algorithms and platform companies has dramatically increased the need for conversion between DICOMweb™ and DIMSE services.”

Additional major features include:

  • Routing support for RESTful DICOMweb™ services
  • Conversion between RESTful DICOMweb™ and DIMSE services
  • Inbound and outbound support for STOW/QIDO/WADO
  • Enhanced integration with the LighthouseTM – Centralized Monitoring and Management Platform
  • Integration with cloud storage (Azure, S3, GCP)
  • Support for multiple association listeners
  • Sign on improvements (OAuth2)

For detailed information about all the capabilities included in this upgrade Laurel Bridge customers should access their customer portal or contact Laurel Bridge Software directly at

The CompassTM - Routing Workflow Manager provides a scalable architecture that can serve the high throughput and sophisticated workflow needs of the largest integrated health systems. It is but one of the many components in the Laurel Bridge Enterprise Imaging Workflow Suite.

About Laurel Bridge Software

For over 20 years, Laurel Bridge Software has been providing healthcare organizations with enterprise imaging workflow solutions for image routing, prior exam fetching, migration, and modality worklist management. Our suite of highly configurable solutions solves complex, mission-critical imaging workflows that unify multiple business entities and their disparate clinical imaging systems. Laurel Bridge solutions reliably ensure new and historical DICOM imaging studies, HL7 messages, and non-DICOM objects are available to the clinical staff, at the point-of-care. These imaging workflow solutions are implemented at thousands of healthcare providers, OEMs, teleradiology firms, radiology group practices, and AI algorithm companies, in more than 35 countries, directly and through integration partners. Learn more by visiting

Greg Muller
Director, Business Development
Laurel Bridge Software, Inc.

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Director, Marketing