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Enterprise Imaging Workflow Trends Sustain Growth for Laurel Bridge Software in 2020

NEWARK, DE, February 23, 2021 -- Laurel Bridge Software, a provider of imaging software solutions that enable health systems to orchestrate their medical imaging workflows, experienced meaningful growth during 2020. Despite the challenges and uncertainty caused by the COVID pandemic, Laurel Bridge added several new significant clients in 2020. They consisted of large healthcare providers, resellers, and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), including the following: 4DMedical, Avreo, eMed Informatics, Philips Healthcare, Resoundant, Ultromics, and Vital Images.

The primary drivers of this growth include the following ongoing enterprise medical imaging trends:

  • The need to empower organizations to overcome the interoperability challenges that have resulted from health system consolidation
  • New workflows that were caused by COVID-related disruptions
  • Requirements to ensure access to medical imaging data across the enterprise for improved clinical care
  • Continued expansion and integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) workflows

The challenging workflows that drive healthcare providers to seek help from Laurel Bridge Software commonly include anonymization, teleradiology, women’s imaging, archive migrations and consolidations, point-of-care imaging, and dose and structured report data integration.

Laurel Bridge customers often refer to their Enterprise Imaging Workflow Suite as the “Swiss Army Knife” of medical imaging workflow because the following components can be integrated in virtually limitless ways to solve numerous, and often unique, imaging workflow problems.

The CompassTM - Routing Workflow Manager provides a scalable architecture that can serve the high throughput and sophisticated workflow needs of the largest integrated health systems.

The NavigatorTM - Imaging Retrieval Workflow Manager solves complex enterprise imaging workflow problems, such as retrieving and normalizing imaging studies from multiple facilities, PACS or VNA systems, especially in support of fetching prior mammography images.

The WaypointTM - Encounter & Modality Worklist Manager consolidates and manages modality and encounter worklists across the enterprise and can automate patient demographic assignment during various imaging workflows, including point-of-care.

The ExodusTM - Migration and Consolidation Controller provides a comprehensive migration management solution to plan, assess, perform, and report migration activities, often working in concert with these other solutions to manage complex migration requirements.

The BeaconTM – Enterprise Study Q/C Manager enables normalization of patient and study demographics.

The AI Workflow Suite facilitates the exchange of anonymized and re-identified patient information with AI algorithms, along with the fetching and routing necessary to integrate algorithms into research and clinical workflows.

The LighthouseTM – Centralized Monitoring and Management Platform centralizes monitoring and diagnosis of your installed imaging workflow components.

About Laurel Bridge Software

For over 20 years, Laurel Bridge Software has been providing healthcare organizations with enterprise imaging workflow solutions for image routing, prior exam fetching, migration, and modality worklist management. Our suite of highly configurable solutions solves complex, mission-critical imaging workflows that unify multiple business entities and their disparate clinical imaging systems. Laurel Bridge solutions reliably ensure new and historical DICOM imaging studies, HL7 messages, and non-DICOM objects are available to the clinical staff, at the point-of-care. These imaging workflow solutions are implemented at thousands of healthcare providers, OEMs, teleradiology firms, radiology group practices, and AI algorithm companies, in more than 35 countries, directly and through integration partners. Learn more by visiting


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