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New Research from HIMSS Analytics Looks at Adoption and Development of Precision Medicine Programs in the Healthcare Market
Study examines current approach and sentiment surrounding precision medicine technology

BURLINGTON, Vt., June 1, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- HIMSS Analytics® has released its most recent 2017 Essentials Brief: Precision Medicine Study, which provides insight from IT leaders across the U.S. healthcare market on precision medicine technology usage and adoption rates.  Essential Briefs are market research studies focused on identifying salient topics in the healthcare IT space that highlight mind share, market share and market opportunity of specific healthcare software technologies.  

Health IT researchers from HIMSS Analytics looked at how U.S. healthcare organizations currently approach and plan to approach precision medicine from an IT perspective. The research found that many healthcare organizations with established programs are looking to expand their offerings into different clinical areas while improving their IT approach with current in-house solutions and dedicated precision medicine platforms. Areas like early disease diagnosis and drug therapy monitoring are some of the drivers for continued growth in precision medicine.

"Consumers are increasingly becoming interested in genomics – or precision medicine – with genetic DNA testing companies such as and 23andMe becoming more popular and widely recognized," said Brendan FitzGerald, director of research, HIMSS Analytics. "These services provide consumers with limited, but valuable insight into their DNA. The interest level is clearly there, however developing programs and conducting precision medicine at the point of care requires expertise, funds, and IT sophistication that many healthcare organizations currently do not have. It is much more complex than the consumer market."

This single-point-in-time market study provides specific insight from clinicians, department heads, IT professionals and C-Suite members nationwide.

Highlights of the study include:

  • Year over year adoption of precision medicine, including segmentation by organization type and bed size
  • Clinical areas in which precision medicine is being conducted and organizational IT approach
  • Future organizational plans to take sample and sequence analysis in house
  • Primary barriers of adoption for conducting precision medicine

The full Essentials Brief: 2017 Precision Medicine Study is available for purchase on the HIMSS Analytics website.  

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