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Rescon Technologies and Dispersive Technologies to Demonstrate a Secure, Mobile Health Solution for the Digital Diabetes Coach Program


ALPHARETTA, Ga., Feb. 18, 2016 -- Rescon Technologies Ltd. and Dispersive Technologies, Inc. today announced they will collaborate to create a secure, mobile self-management system for individuals with chronic health conditions.

The system will combine Rescon’s Lincus health and well-being app with Dispersive™ Virtualized Networks. It will be demonstrated as part of the West of England Academic Health Science Network Internet of Things (IoT)-based Digital Diabetes Coach program. This program is supported by the National Health Service (England) and partially funded by the UK Department of Health.

“Healthcare professionals and industry analysts recognize the many benefits of healthcare IoT,” noted Dr. Tom Dawson, founding director of Rescon Technologies. “These include more effective monitoring, therapeutic stratification, and earlier, more targeted interventions. All can reduce healthcare costs and improve patient outcome; however, there are real cyber risks that must be addressed.”

“After evaluating options on the market,” Dawson continued, “we selected Dispersive Technologies’ solution as the best way to protect sensitive patient healthcare data. It’s inherently more secure than legacy virtual private networks, works on IoT devices and supports full mobility. These capabilities were key to our decision to use Dispersive™ Virtualized Networks.”

According to Dawson, Rescon is analyzing other areas where Dispersive™ Virtualized Networks could reduce network costs while meeting his company’s demanding performance requirements and security needs. Rescon is also exploring the use of Dispersive™ Storage to protect stored healthcare data.

Robert W. Twitchell, Jr., president and CEO of Dispersive Technologies, said his company is extremely proud to be part of this effort.

“Healthcare IoT devices that require always-on network connectivity are inherently vulnerable to attack,” Twitchell explained. “Here, we have the ability not only to improve the quality of life for patients, but also help them avoid the stress of having their health information stolen or, worse yet, their IoT device hacked.”

Twitchell anticipates Rescon’s vision for an improved healthcare ecosystem will strengthen the relationship between the two companies. “We’re confident Rescon’s ongoing testing and analysis will demonstrate a significant ROI for expansion of Dispersive’s platforms within their solutions.”

About Rescon Technologies Ltd.

Rescon, winner of the 2015 South East Health Technologies Outstanding Achievement Award, is a leading UK innovator of technologies and services to monitor and improve human performance. Its patented Lincus solution is a CE-marked, Class 1 Medical Device.

About Dispersive Technologies

Dispersive Technologies delivers software-defined solutions that virtualize routing and data storage for IP-based networks. Their virtualized routing platform delivers data with speed, security and reliability – and does it across standards-based IP networks. Their software-defined storage solution securely stores at-rest data and moves it dynamically within the virtualized environment. When recalled or queried, data delivery is quick, secure and reliable. Together, these platforms improve software-defined networking and make the Internet fast, secure and reliable. By streamlining and securing communications and data flow, Dispersive Technologies' solutions allow organizations to perform more efficiently and reduce costs. To learn more, visit

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