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DeepScribe unveils 'Real-Time' feature at HIMSS: AI-generated clinical notes as the visit unfolds

New technology empowers clinicians with faster insights at the point of care

SAN FRANCISCO, March 12, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- DeepScribe, a pioneer in ambient AI documentation for healthcare, today unveiled "Real-Time." With the addition of Real-Time to the DeepScribe platform, clinicians gain a new level of control over their notes, empowering them to clarify details directly in their EHR while the patient encounter is happening.

"Real-Time represents the biggest breakthrough in ambient clinical documentation since large language models," said Akilesh Bapu, CEO and Co-Founder of DeepScribe. "It is also one of the most frequently requested functionalities by our clinicians and it makes a lot of sense: Healthcare happens in real-time. Why wouldn't your notes?"

While GPT-4 has seen mainstream adoption, latency and cost are consistent challenges for mission-critical applications in healthcare. Ambient documentation has narrowed the gap, but every available solution faces the same challenge—the note starts generating after the patient conversation concludes. This means clinicians can only review their note after the encounter, limiting both time savings and physician adoption.

At the core of Real-Time is HealAI, DeepScribe's purpose-built clinical large language model (LLM) trained on 3+ million labeled medical conversations. Unlike traditional solutions that process the note after the visit is complete, HealAI is now configured to run hundreds of inferences live, during a visit, while preserving DeepScribe's industry-leading note accuracy.

With Real-Time, DeepScribe is revolutionizing the documentation experience for clinicians through three key advantages:

  • Instantaneous Notes – Notes are generated in real-time as the doctor conducts the patient visit with zero latency.
  • Live Feedback – Clinicians can correct or clarify note details during the patient visit, not after the fact.
  • Optimized Handoffs – Streamline workflows with multiple touchpoints. For example, if medical assistants are completing patient intake, the physician can review DeepScribe's Real-Time documentation before they enter the room.

Through the combination of DeepScribe's Real-Time feature, Customization Studio, and Trust and Safety Suite, health systems can now deploy the industry's fastest, most customizable, and trustworthy solution for ambient documentation.

"With Real-Time, we have proven that we can not only capture, but also structure and action live data from the conversation at the point of care," said Matthew Ko, COO and Co-Founder of DeepScribe. "Beyond improving the clinical workflow, Real-Time opens the possibility of building an ambient intelligence layer to power the future of medicine."

DeepScribe will showcase Real-Time at the HIMSS 2024 Global Conference, March 11-15 in Orlando. For more details, visit

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