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Penguin Location Services™ Soars in Navigation, Safety and RTLS

AI/ML powered IoT provider records 300% Growth, Expands Globally

IRVINE, Calif., Feb. 29, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Penguin Location Services (Penguin), a leading AI/ML enabled IoT provider, proudly announces an exceptional 300% YoY growth in revenue. This significant milestone in growth trajectory is attributed to the rising demand for Penguin Location Services, particularly in healthcare and other emerging location-reliant industries.

Penguin offers a diverse portfolio of products powered by an advanced location engine, comprised of PenNav, PenTrack, and PenSafe. These innovative solutions cater to enterprise navigation, real-time locating, and safety applications, providing clients with unparalleled precision and efficiency in their operations using minimal infrastructure. Penguin's proprietary AI/ML algorithms allow the use of any 5.1 Bluetooth Low Energy-enabled device to be leveraged as a high-performance location transponder. In many cases, location update speed is within milliseconds and location accuracy is consistently at the sub-room level (bed and chair-level). Penguin's new development kit, highlighting precision and easy setup, is now available for testing. 

To complement their remarkable growth, Penguin has launched a new website ( that showcases their comprehensive suite of offerings. The user-friendly platform offers visitors insights into the diverse applications of PenNav, PenTrack, and PenSafe, illustrating the company's commitment to simplicity, transparency, and accessibility.

To better serve their growing customer base, Penguin has expanded its North American team by welcoming additional seasoned business and sales professionals. In 2024, the Penguin team is set to participate in key healthcare IT events, establishing a strong presence in the industry and fostering collaborations with like-minded professionals. The company has already formed channel partnerships with leading security and nurse call distributors in North America. These integrations allow customers to have advanced location services all accessible and configurable in a common user interface, connecting security and location intelligence together.

The newly formed Penguin commercial team will proudly be attending the Health Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Annual Conference in Orlando March 11-15. Schedule a demo to learn more about Penguin's innovative products.

About Penguin Location Services™
Penguin Location Services™ improves enterprise operational efficiency, visitor experience, workflow and safety via the world's most advanced location engine supporting BLE 5.1 and above infrastructure. Penguin's AI and ML powered location algorithms support high velocity updates and sub-room level accuracy across the entire enterprise.

Penguin Location Services™ is a trademark of PenguinIN, Inc. 

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