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ImmersiveTouch Partners with HP on Virtual Reality and 3D Printing for Personalized Health Care Solutions
Collaboration to focus on improving outcomes, increasing patient satisfaction and reducing costs

CHICAGO, March 5, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- ImmersiveTouch has announced a collaboration with HP that strives to unleash the power of personalized medicine by providing the missing link between medical imaging and real-time surgery. This collaboration will pair ImmersiveTouch clinical software with HP hardware to create better healthcare outcomes at reduced costs. The companies will jointly showcase their technologies at the annual HIMSS conference in Booth 1541 from March 10th-12th.

ImmersiveTouch is revolutionizing personalized care by designing technology that more accurately simulates each patient's specific anatomy in 360º VR. Surgeons can feed traditional CT and MRI scans into ImmersiveTouch software, strap on virtual reality headsets, and then virtually fly through simulations of muscles, bones and blood vessels, exploring the specific dimensions of the disease they must attack from every angle. ImmersiveTouch continually strives towards increased patient satisfaction and improved surgical planning, and away from longer procedure times, sub-optimal patient outcomes and readmissions.

From radiology to surgery, the companies plan to combine their clinical software and hardware expertise to market products and solutions that can be customized to the needs of an individual patient. In the near-term, the collaboration will focus on promoting ImmersiveTouch software powered by HP's Reverb Pro VR headsets and connected to HP Jet Fusion 3D printers.

"ImmersiveTouch and HP together will shift the paradigm for high quality virtual reality experiences in healthcare," said Jay Banerjee, COO of ImmersiveTouch. "We are immersing surgeons to train and rehearse for mission-critical situations. The industry is poised to enter a new era of personalized care."

ImmersiveTouch has been installed in over 100 hospitals globally and is proud to facilitate personalized care through its technological innovation.

Recently at MetroHealth Hospital in Cleveland, a neurosurgeon was able to confirm his suspicion from the initial radiological report after reviewing the case with ImmersiveTouch. After the immersive planning session, the surgeon altered his surgical approach and was more accurately prepared.

In the spirit of the HIMSS mission to "realize the full health potential of every human, everywhere", ImmersiveTouch will invite one of its pioneer enterprise customers, Dr. Shafiq Rab, CIO of Rush Hospital, to speak on the HIMSS panel session titled "3D Print & VR: Improving Surgical Outcomes & Informed Consent".

About ImmersiveTouch Inc.

ImmersiveTouch strives to strengthen human life and unleash the power of personalized care by providing the missing link between medical imaging and real-time surgery. ImmersiveTouch is using the latest advancements in computer vision, artificial intelligence and AR/VR to develop FDA cleared medical technology. The company provides a full software suite for surgical planning, surgery skills training, and informed patient consent.

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