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Accelerating Digital Healthcare Through Enterprise Cloud Messaging Solutions
Meet Retarus at HIMSS 2020 and find out why Retarus Enterprise Cloud for Healthcare is the right choice for companies

SECAUCUS, N.J., Feb. 25, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- At HIMSS 2020 (Orlando, FL from March 9-13), Retarus, a leading provider of Enterprise Cloud Services, will present the strengths of cloudification and digital transformation through its one-stop-shop enterprise solutions. Companies are modernizing their communication platform through the cloudification of their infrastructure, enhancing efficiency through digitized automated processes, as well to ensure compliance with HITRUST and HIPAA. At HIMSS, Retarus will be unveiling the biggest turning point in healthcare communications, which will certainly take healthcare companies to the next level.

Retarus understands that companies under HIPAA and HITECH regulations require enhanced security features. To do so, Retarus meets all requirements for security, backup, audit, access control, and encryption by safeguarding information and supporting audit trails for compliance. As an example, Retarus' services support clinical laboratories in safeguarding laboratory results, prior authorizations, and transmitting transactional messages directly from their business applications. Regardless of the application, orders, service, recall activities, or marketing communications, Retarus helps reach customers and suppliers promptly via their preferred communication channel – Email, Fax, SMS or EDI. By offering flexible SLAs, Retarus' Cloud Messaging Services meet the highest quality and transmission requirements. In addition, the data privacy compliant processing in local Retarus data centers offers healthcare organizations ultimate levels of security – a key reason why a steadily increasing number of healthcare providers around the globe are choosing Retarus as their messaging service provider.

DirectTrust, HL7 and HITRUST certifications

Retarus is committed to being the best cloud services provider in the world. In order to do so, Retarus is devoted to data protection, quality assurance, and regulatory compliance. "We have a responsibility to our clients and their data. Their information security means our success," says Roland Augustin, Vice President of Retarus. Retarus is always looking for ways to ensure that the utmost standards are met. As part of this commitment, Retarus is a member of DirectTrust, an HL7, and has also initiated its Validated Assessment to HITRUST. Retarus expects to receive its official HITRUST certification within the coming weeks.

DirectTrust is a non-profit health care industry alliance responsible for maintaining a framework for the operation of Direct exchange's security and trust-in-identity layers. DirectTrust is a federally recognized policy and governance body that makes it possible for Direct exchange to operate smoothly and reliably between providers and patients.

HL7 is the comprehensive framework of standards for the exchange, integration, sharing, and retrieval of health information for clinical practices, management, delivery, and evaluation. HL7 FHIR – Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources – combines the best features of HL7's existing solutions while leveraging the latest web technologies and applying a critical focus on implementation.

HITRUST was founded on the idea that information security is essential to the widespread implementation of information systems across industries, verticals, and businesses. Simply put, HITRUST is a set of data protection standards that ensures sensitive data and IT risks are managed effectively and properly protected. HITRUST has developed the HITRUST CSF, a compliance framework to guide an organization's competence regarding the creation, access, storage, and exchange of personal, sensitive, and/or financial information. Compliance with the HITRUST CSF means an organization meets the requirements set forth by a vast array of industry standards and regulations (e.g. GDPR, ISO, HIPAA, HITECH, PCI, and FTC).

Meet Retarus at HIMSS 2020

Meet Retarus at HIMSS 2020 (booth #7243) and find out how Retarus Enterprise Cloud Services can take your company to the next level. Retarus' diverse portfolio of emerging technologies in healthcare, latest product developments, and industry-leading cloud enterprise communications has you covered. Whether its Fax, Email, EDI or SMS, Retarus has been with you since 1992.

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