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DocVilla - Best EMR/EHR with Practice Management, Telemedicine, eRx, eBilling and claim filing capabilities - Exhibiting at HIMSS20 Global Health Conference & Exhibition
DocVilla is exhibiting at HIMSS20 conference to showcase the most affordable and comprehensive EHR/EMR platform with patient portal, eRx, eBilling and medical insurance claim filing capabilities.

WILMINGTON, Del., Sept. 30, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- PS3G Inc. will be exhibiting its Health Technology platform – DocVilla in HIMSS 2020 Global Health Conference. DocVilla is inspired by HIMSS20 theme "Be the Change" and is a HIPAA compliant, secure platform to connect the patients and the doctors through telemedicine and in-person consultations. Through DocVilla, doctors have complete EMR (Electronic Medical Records) and EHR (Electronic Health Records) capabilities along with practice management, telemedicine, e-prescription, e-billing and medical insurance claim filing. On the other hand, the patients can schedule consultations (video or in-person) with the doctors and also select the pharmacy where the prescription needs to be delivered. They can also securely message the doctor using the platform. The patients are charged only after the consultation ends. If the patients submit their insurance information, then they are only charged the copay amount. In order to use Docvilla, the patients need to install the "Docvilla" application whereas the doctors need to install the "Docvilla-Doctor" application. The doctors also have the ability to port over their existing patients' information from their current EMR into Docvilla. DocVilla has a registered trademark and a pending patent. Moreover, PS3G owns the IP rights of all the technologies used in DocVilla.
"Doctors are currently using multiple platforms for their day to day needs. They are using softwares for scheduling, telemedicine, EMR, e-Billing, e-prescriptions and medical insurance claim filing. For all such disconnected platforms, doctors pay more than $1000/provider per month. They also have to copy paste the patient data from one platform to another which can lead to human errors. In many cases, doctors end up using billers who charge almost 10% of the fee received from insurance company. DocVilla addresses all these issues using automation and minimizes the human intervention. The DocVilla patient application has a strong patient base and can help increase the patients' inflow for any medical practice. DocVilla is connected with health exchanges and can help a doctor in seeing a patient's past history as well as current medications and diagnosis. The doctors will also be able to see a patient's immunization records, Labcorp results, allergies etc. DocVilla is connected with smart devices and wearables through which the patients can share their real time EKG, BP and temperature with the doctor. The platform displays the patient charts and SOAP notes while the doctor is doing the diagnosis. For billing purposes, doctors can file for medical insurance claims and can also charge the patient directly. Docvilla is integrated with Surescripts and can send prescriptions to thousands of pharmacies across the nation. And all these services are provided unlimited for only $300/user/month. There is no additional charge based on the volume of the patients or revenue. Such unique proposition has helped DocVilla gain popularity in more than 11 states and cater to thousands of patients and providers who are using the platform. It has also got a significant traction from hospital systems, urgent care facilities and medical practices. It is the only platform which provides a full suite of features required to run any medical practice and is therefore a one-stop shop for all of the providers. We have a number of exhibitions, roadshows, trade-shows and demonstrations coming up in the next few months besides HIMSS 2020 in Orlando. We will also be exhibiting and showcasing our capabilities in the School Health conference by American Academy of Pediatrics (NJAAP) on October 16th at The Palace at Somerset Park, NJ. To check out our platform please visit our website or download the app," said Ankit Goyal, CEO, PS3G Inc.

About PS3G:
PS3G stands for "Professional Services, Software & Solutions Group" and is a leading Technology company with offices in North America and India. It has two divisions – IT Solutions and Services Division and Consumer Product Division. PS3G IT Services Division is catering to fortune 500 customers in providing niche technology solutions in Enterprise Web, mobile app development, Big Data, Data Management and Cloud based solutions across the industry. The Product Division has successfully launched several end consumer products such as EasyLearning4Kids, Business Contacts Lists, Smart Dialer and DocVilla. All these produces are also available for free download on iOS and Android marketplace.