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Neuronytics Debuts Preventive Health Solutions at HIMSS Conference
Chief Scientific Officer Adam K. Anderson will discuss a unique approach to population health using ANS biomarkers

ORLANDO, Feb. 11, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Neuronytics, the new health tech brand using digital biomarkers to build better health outcomes for organizations and individuals, will attend the annual HIMSS Conference this week. Adam K. Anderson, Neuronytics' Chief Scientific Officer, Ph.D., an associate professor at Cornell University, is scheduled to speak at the Personalized Health Experience Pavilion Wednesday, February 13 from 4:15-4:45 p.m. ET about Neuronytics' disruptive approach to population and preventive health and how it will impact the healthcare industry on multiple levels.

Driven by the changing landscape of healthcare, Neuronytics is a health coaching solution developed for Millennials, aimed at filling the gaps in the health system with measures that will help prevent disease and monitor chronic conditions. The approach and revolutionary service from Neuronytics harnesses the potential of sharing and analyzing health data from the micro to macro level. With user-friendly games, health data is demystified and commodified to form healthier communities and produce patient and provider solutions.

An essential piece of the Neuronytics approach is the "Wedget," the world's first biosensing game controller. Through bite-size breath-controlled mobile games, it measures well-established biomarkers of the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) measuring real-time physiological impact of lifestyle, work, and exercise on one's physical, mental, and emotional health. Data are then analyzed using a decentralized, safe, and secure blockchain with an assist from AI learning, to help identify problems at their earliest stages. These learnings can be used to produce applicable results for workplace wellness, condition monitoring, and pharmaceutical research.

"We look forward to bringing Neuronytics to Orlando to initiate conversations about the role of ANS data in preventive and population health," said Anderson. "Neuronytics is in the process of developing game-changing solutions that will impact numerous decision makers – physicians, patients, workplaces, and more – in their approach to build better health outcomes. We look forward to sharing our solution with attendees at HIMSS and the larger community of health care disruptors."

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About Neuronytics

Neuronytics is pairing digital biomarkers with Arti­ficial Intelligence (Al) and creating a data marketplace to enhance preventive healthcare and boost human performance. Because your brain knows more about your health than a blood or a DNA test, Neuronytics focuses on analyzing neuronal activity to detect conditions before it's too late to treat, and to coach and implement secondary and tertiary preventive healthcare when conditions are already here. Neuronytics is an on-demand solution, which is ultimately part of the sharing economy, allowing millions of ordinary users to gain extra revenue from their unused/idle resources, while tracking their health.

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