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Bernoulli Evangelizes Continuous Clinical Surveillance at HIMSS19
Education and Exhibit Hall offerings provide key insights into critical real-time patient safety capabilities

MILFORD, Conn., Jan. 31, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Bernoulli Health, the leader in real-time connected healthcare, will showcase the tangible patient safety benefits of prospective continuous clinical surveillance in general education and the Exhibit Hall demonstrations at the 2019 Annual HIMSS Conference & Exhibition, Feb. 11-15, in Orlando.

The mission of Bernoulli Health is to improve patient safety in real time. The company’s all-inclusive Bernoulli One platform is a single solution for continuous patient health monitoring and clinical surveillance, medical device integration, and real-time data analytics. Bernoulli has achieved FDA Class II clearance for use in both patient monitoring and secondary alarm management. Bernoulli headquarters are in Milford, CT.

Hospitals and health systems are under increased regulatory pressure to reduce high rates of preventable hospital-acquired illnesses, such as opioid-induced respiratory depression (OIRD) and sepsis.

Current monitoring practices, such as vital sign spot checks, are poorly suited to provide evidence-based insights into evolving trends in a patient's condition. Conversely, "clinical surveillance tools hold the promise of giving caregivers clinically actionable insights that decrease mortality, reduce readmissions, and improve overall patient outcomes," according to a new KLAS report.

"Hospital investments in clinical surveillance are driven by organizations seeking to achieve the objectives of value-based care, and patient safety in the era of value-based care is increasingly defined as preventing adverse events before emergency interventions or costly escalations are required," said Janet Dillione, CEO of Bernoulli Health. "Bernoulli is looking forward to demonstrating our capabilities to the largest gathering of health IT professionals in the country."

Education: A Business Case & Clinical Case for Continuous Surveillance
On Thursday, Feb. 14, Leah Baron, MD, former Chair of the Department of Anesthesiology at Virtua Memorial Hospital in Mt. Holly, NJ, and John Zaleski, PhD, CAP, CPHIMS, Chief Analytics Officer of Bernoulli Health will present A Business Case & Clinical Case for Continuous Surveillance.

This education session, based on an award-winning study in the Journal of Biomedical Instrumentation & Technology, will demonstrate the efficacy of advanced analytics, medical device connectivity and combinatorial alarms to provide remote centralized continuous monitoring of post-surgical patients at risk for OIRD, while also eliminating artifacts that could increase alarm fatigue in clinical staff and recovery disruption in patients.

The study found that passing multiple series of patient-generated data through a multi-variable rules engine not only reduced overall alerts by 99 percent, but successfully identified every patient at risk for respiratory depression in advance of an incident.

"Data from multiple sources are required to maximize patient safety, including the EHR and real-time data from medical devices," said Zaleski. "Combining analysis with real-time data at the point of collection creates a powerful tool for prediction and clinical decision support, and has implications for achieving real-time healthcare capabilities enterprise-wide."

The platform utilized in the study was Bernoulli One™, the market's only real-time, end-to-end, connected healthcare platform. Bernoulli One collects, aggregates, and distributes patient-generated data (including alarms and waveforms) from a broad range of medical devices in real-time, as well as retrospective data from the enterprise electronic health record. This provides clinical teams with instant access to a holistic and medically contextual portrait of a patient's condition.

The KLAS report Clinical Surveillance 2018 found that Bernoulli Health clients are the most likely of any customer base to report high trust in Bernoulli One's alerts, according to a limited number of clients interviewed.

Bernoulli in the Exhibit Hall
Bernoulli Health will also be present in several partner booths in the Exhibit Hall at HIMSS19.

  • Critical Alert Systems (Booth 5243). Critical Alert Systems will be discussing its new collaborative partnership with Bernoulli Health, offering hospitals leading-edge continuous surveillance and alert distribution capabilities, including live-streaming waveforms. Critical Alert Systems offers the most flexible and scalable enterprise-grade Patient Communications and Nurse Call solution on the market.
  • Spok (Booth 3371). Spok Inc., a global leader in healthcare communications, will be showing HIMSS19 attendees how the combined capabilities of Spok and Bernoulli Health help clinical staff leverage advanced routing and escalation capabilities with unique smart alarms and real-time patient data to deliver actionable alarms that support better clinical decision-making, speed response times, reduce alarm fatigue and improve patient satisfaction.
  • GE Healthcare (Booth 1240 and 8859-29). Stop by the GE Healthcare booth and the Intelligent Health Pavilion in Hall E to learn more about CARESCAPE™ Connect, powered by Bernoulli. CARESCAPE™ Connect is a single data aggregation offering capable of collecting from various sources, normalizing, storing and transmitting according to industry standards; to build sources of data that are accessible to medical informaticists, and to enhance efficiency of data acquisition and storage into information repositories while lowering the barriers to integration.

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Bernoulli Thought Leadership
As you prepare your HIMSS19 experience, be sure to visit Bernoulli's robust online Knowledge Center of white papers, case studies, blog posts and an eBook detailing emerging trends in alarm management and medical device integration, as well as real-world customer success stories using the Bernoulli One platform.

About Bernoulli
Bernoulli is the leader in real-time solutions for patient safety, with more than 1,200 installed, operational systems. Bernoulli One™ is the market's only real-time, connected healthcare platform that combines comprehensive and vendor-neutral medical device integration with powerful middleware, clinical surveillance, telemedicine/virtual ICU, advanced alarm management, predictive analytics and robust distribution capabilities into ONE solution that empowers clinicians with tools to drive better patient safety, clinical outcomes, patient experience, and provider workflow.  For more information about Bernoulli One™, visit Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn. Visit our Resource Center to download case studies, white papers and articles.

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