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SecurityMetrics Releases Health Network Portal for Member HIPAA Compliance Management

OREM, Utah, March 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Last week at HIMSS 2018, SecurityMetrics, a leading innovator of data security and compliance solutions, announced the release of their Health Network Portal. The SecurityMetrics Health Network Portal is the company's newest HIPAA product, designed to help health networks manage and track completion of specific HIPAA requirements.

SecurityMetrics is a global leader in data security that enables businesses of all sizes to comply with government, healthcare, and financial mandates. (PRNewsFoto/SecurityMetrics) (PRNewsfoto/SecurityMetrics)

Large health networks often use spreadsheets to manage HIPAA compliance and track individual members' security efforts, a method which is complicated and can lead to gaps in security. This leaves networks vulnerable to cyberattacks and data breaches. With SecurityMetrics' Health Network Portal, users can track members' HIPAA compliance journeys as they monitor their Breach Protection Checklist, Risk Analysis, Risk Management Plan, Vulnerability Scanning, and Policies and Procedures.

Marcus Clawson, SecurityMetrics Health Network Portal Product Manager, said, "Health Networks have become a major target for data theft. The individual medical practices and business associates that make up these networks are each respectively vulnerable to attack, which presents significant risk to the entire network. Gaining visibility into individual members' progress towards securing data and completing specific HIPAA requirements has traditionally been a difficult and cumbersome process, one involving complicated and outdated spreadsheets."

The Health Network Portal contains cloud-based tools to help Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs), IT directors, and compliance managers with HIPAA requirements and provides a central location to track and manage those efforts. These tools include:

  • Compliance Overview: Displays number of members actively working on the HIPAA tools, status of each tool, scan results, and a risk summary of the entire health network, on one page.
  • Member Summary: Location- or member-specific tracking that displays members' individual progress in completing specific HIPAA requirements. Provides central location for each member's breach protection checklist, risk analysis, risk management plan, vulnerability scan results, and policies and procedures.
  • Risk Summary: Calculates and displays overall network risk level, which is based on individual members' completion of SecurityMetrics' tools. Knowing the risk level helps HIPAA managers set and achieve security goals and reduce vulnerabilities.
  • Business Associate Overview: Shows all business associates in a network and the percentage that have a signed business associate agreement.

Clawson continued, "The Health Network Portal from SecurityMetrics gives real-time visibility into the security and compliance progress of network members. Our standardized set of cloud-based tools are easy to understand and will encourage members' involvement in completing specific HIPAA requirements."

SHARP Community Medical Group Project Manager, David Porter, said, "Because of SecurityMetrics' Health Network Portal, HIPAA adoption has improved. The portal is interactive. It creates a sense of ownership and an improved level of engagement in the security risk assessment process."

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