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Validic Launches Lightweight Remote Monitoring Platform
At HIMSS18, Validic announces device-agnostic remote monitoring extension to augment functionality of existing clinical and care management systems

LAS VEGAS, March 6, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Validic, the leading provider of data connectivity solutions for healthcare, announced today the launch of Validic Impact, a lightweight remote monitoring platform that enables remote care capabilities for existing clinical systems. For providers, Impact can augment the functionality of clinical systems, such as electronic health records and care management solutions, by directly integrating into the workflow.

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"Rather than creating an entire, disparate system to manage remote care, Impact works to fill the existing gaps in remote monitoring programs," Validic CEO Drew Schiller said. "We are enabling teams to build customized programs that meet the needs of the health system and the treatment goals of their patients."

Built on Validic's core data connectivity solution, Impact provides a device-agnostic approach to remote care — offering the ability to leverage hundreds of in-home medical and wearable devices to support chronic and post-acute care programs. Impact is designed to enable clinician management of any condition — from diabetes and hypertension to COPD and beyond. The flexibility in Impact's design enables care teams to customize programs specific to the condition they are managing and the population they are treating.

Health systems are being asked to produce better outcomes, a better patient experience and better access — all with the same number or fewer resources and at a reduced cost. Technology — specifically tools like Impact — can automate many of the manual tasks required in remote care today, making it possible for providers to improve access, experience and outcomes with data-driven remote monitoring strategy. Impact ensures clinicians are more efficient in patient outreach, creating sustainable feedback loops, and managing larger cohorts of patients.

Impact enables care programs to be customized at both the administrative and clinician level to ensure processes are standardized but care is personalized. Via secure messaging, email, or SMS, Impact elevates critical exception data and triggers the appropriate notifications for care teams to take action. Care managers are then able to quickly and efficiently respond to adverse events and avoid the deluge of patient-generated data. With these tools, teams are empowered to more effectively triage patients and prioritize outreach.

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