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Cota to Showcase Real-World Analytics Solution to Drive Oncology Practice Improvement at HIMSS18

NEW YORK, March 5, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Cota Inc., a real-world data and analytics company that bridges precision medicine to population health, today announced the third version of Cota Real World Analytics (RWA). This latest version of RWA helps physician leaders extend industry-proven best practices to oncologists across their provider networks, identifying optimal processes, treatments and outcomes that drive practice transformation. The company will be demonstrating the enhanced solution at booth 11334 at the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society Annual Conference & Exhibition (HIMSS18) in Las Vegas, Nevada from March 5-9, 2018.

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RWA is a web-based solution that leverages Cota's oncology expertise, combining pre-built analyses, the patented Cota Nodal AddressTM (CNA) precise disease classification system and benchmarking from Cota's Real-World Evidence (RWE). Composed of nearly 2 million patient records, Cota's RWE is the most comprehensive collection of research-grade, longitudinal oncology patient data available on the market. RWA draws from this immense data set to help providers measure performance and identify variation in treatments, outcomes and quality metric performance. The solution suite embeds analytical insights within existing workflows and enhances user interface which makes it easier than ever before to improve patient outcomes. Baptist Health South Florida, which recently announced a multi-year agreement with Cota, is one of the early provider partners that will leverage RWA version 3 this year.

"To drive improvement at the practice level, oncology leaders need access to a bird's-eye view of physician decision-making and outcomes across the network that they can then compare to a reliable industry benchmark," said Andrew Norden, M.D., chief medical officer for Cota. "Whether you are a chief or director of oncology spearheading an ongoing professional practice evaluation (OPPE) process, a hospital chief quality officer or a healthcare system leader implementing value-based reimbursement models, RWA empowers clinical and administrative leaders with the insights they need to identify quality improvement opportunities and ensure optimal, cost-effective decisions for every patient, every time."

RWA's key features include:

  • Extensive, on-the-fly cohort creation by patient demographics, disease characteristics, genomic markers and treatments, with filtering by oncologist and site
  • CNA-driven analysis, which permits comparisons of clinically similar patient cohorts and their treatments and outcomes across physicians and sites of care
  • Reporting of meaningful, cohort-specific quality metrics based on ASCO's Quality Oncology Practice Initiative, NQF and other standards
  • Population comparisons that display performance of individual physicians against their peers as well as the host institution against all of Cota RWE
  • Presentation of multiple longitudinal outcome measures such as overall and progression-free survival, response to treatment, side effects, functional status and more

As the industry shifts toward value, providers need a way to think about patients in the context of value-based care. Cota helps healthcare organizations navigate this change towards value-based payments, quality metrics and performance improvement with Cota Provider, its end-to-end oncology analytics solution that includes RWA, Research, Point-of-Care and Value-Based Tracking. This latest solution suite is designed to support health systems and physician groups across community, academic and for-profit lines to improve quality and outcomes.

To schedule a demonstration or meet with Cota representatives to learn more about RWA or other Cota Provider solutions, please contact

About Cota
Cota is a real-world data and analytics company that enables providers, payers and life science companies involved in diagnosing and treating complex diseases to optimize the outcomes of individual patients and lower the overall cost of the patient population served. It is powered by the patented Cota Nodal Address™ (CNA) system, a unique digital classification methodology built by leading physicians and data scientists. The CNA is the first and only system that precisely categorizes patient factors, their diseases and intended therapies, enabling precision medicine at scale. Cota's real-world evidence sets are being used by life science companies to expand the application of precise clinical data to broaden the efficacies and lower the costs of clinical trials.

Cota's technology enriches medical records to create research-grade data and joins it with a suite of analysis, visualization and management tools. This enables providers, payers and life science companies to analyze, report on and research outcomes, costs, treatments and quality at any granularity and stage of the patient journey. The result is a constantly improving system that merges technology and medicine to improve the lives of patients everywhere. For more information, go to

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