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Secure Channels Inc. Future Proofs Data Security with a Quantum Resistant Patented Enterprise Security Platform
New Platform Incorporates Rich Enterprise Features as well as SCI's Patented PKMS2 Pervasive Encryption Protocol

IRVINE, Calif., March 1, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Secure Channels Inc. (SCI), provider of innovative data security and access control solutions, has announced a new version of its ParaDoxBox encryption management platform. 

The new version, ParaDoxBox, incorporates a rich enterprise feature set as well as SCI's patented Pattern Key, Multi-Segment, and Multi-Standard (PKMS2) encryption protocol.  The new product supports a wide array of enterprise data protection use cases while also offering users security levels significantly exceeding those previously available. ParaDoxBox is expected to undergo FIPS 140-2 validation in mid-2018.

ParaDoxBox's data protection capabilities include full-disk, partition, volume, hidden volume, file, and file-for-sharing encryption as well as capabilities to encrypt data resident on shared network devices and cloud storage mechanisms such as Amazon Web Services' S3, Google Drive and Box.  Users can enhance the level of security by choosing to use the PKMS2 protocol, which has been integrated into ParaDoxBox  PKMS2 provides enhanced security guarantees over standard symmetric block ciphers such as: an increase in the effective key length by up to 50%, security assurances even in the event of partial failure of one of the component encryption algorithms, and improved resistance to known message-recovery attacks, all while using standard and well-proven algorithms such as AES, Serpent and Twofish. 

Additionally, when PKMS2 encryption is selected, ParaDoxBox provides guarantees of data integrity, authenticity and confidentiality. This means that ParaDoxBox users can be confident not only that unauthorized access to their data is prevented, but also that the data has not been altered or tampered with.

Enterprise capability is provided by mating the ParaDoxBox endpoint suite with a cloud-based administration platform that enables organizational administrators to issue, revoke and reallocate user licenses, securely store and manage key material and recover data in the event of an authentication failure or personnel status change.  Additionally, enterprise tools make it possible for standard users to define groups of users within the enterprise with whom encrypted data can be securely shared without the need to understand complex key distribution schemes. 

"Data security isn't just about how strong your encryption is, it's also very much about how available it is.  To be effective, security capabilities must be accessible across the enterprise in a way that's user friendly and as transparent as possible," says Richard Blech, Chief Executive Officer of Secure Channels Inc. "It's estimated that only 4% of the data stolen in breaches since 2013 was encrypted; if that data had been encrypted it would have been rendered useless to the attackers.  The market needs new products that transparently secure enterprise data while still allowing users to easily work with and collaborate on it.  The ParaDoxBox enterprise solution is the only one that offers the versatility to manage full disk, partition, file, and cloud sharing encryption, combined with enterprise features such as key, license and user management."

"While we've developed an advanced product that incorporates a new protocol, we were careful to ensure that it still uses standardized, well-tested ciphers," continued Blech. "As Bruce Schneier said, 'Anyone can design a cipher that he himself cannot break.' Along with the rest of the professional cryptography community, we are skeptical of amateur or roll-your-own cryptography, thus we only use published algorithms that have withstood extensive cryptanalysis.  There's no other data security product with the same level of versatility and flexibility.  ParaDoxBox is uniquely positioned to support our enterprise customers."

ParaDoxBox manages encryption on local and network drives, and in cloud locations such as public file share services, while providing a full suite of enterprise administration capabilities. It provides full disk, partition, volume, hidden volume, file and file-for-sharing encryption capabilities, enabling users to choose between a range of standard encryption algorithms and PKMS2.  

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