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Windham Brannon and Digitize.AI Form Partnership to Tackle Healthcare Revenue Cycle Inefficiencies
Firm's Healthcare Consulting Practice is the First to Offer Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Automation as Tools to Significantly Improve Hospital Revenue Cycles

ATLANTA, Feb. 7, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Windham Brannon, a leading provider of tax, audit and advisory services, and Digitize.AI, a fast-growing independent artificial intelligence (AI) company, today announced a strategy technology partnership that will allow the firm to offer AI and intelligent automation to its healthcare consulting clients to further improve their revenue cycle management.

The partnership with Digitize.AI is a strategic move by Windham Brannon to incorporate new tools to help its healthcare clients more effectively address revenue cycle inefficiencies. Even as revenue cycle management becomes increasingly more complicated, there are a number of repetitive and predictable processes involved that make it an area perfect for the efficiencies that AI and intelligent automation offer.

"The ability to apply artificial intelligence to the revenue cycle gives us yet another tool to identify inefficiencies, then allows our advisors to work with hospitals to redesign their processes and re-allocate internal resources to maximize their net revenues going forward," said Valerie Barckhoff, principal and healthcare practice lead at Windham Brannon. "We see a huge opportunity to gain 25- to 50-percent efficiencies for clients. Our partnership with Digitize.AI, a technology pioneer in the healthcare finance space, allows us to immediately change the way hospitals conduct business."

Lia, Digitize.AI's patent-pending and first-of-its-kind A.I. assistant for healthcare finance leaders, works with existing software, workflows, and teams to automate, accelerate and prioritize pre-certification tasks to maximize insurance authorizations and secure revenue for healthcare providers. Trained in machine learning by leading data scientists and engineered by healthcare operations veterans to solve pre-certification challenges, Lia delivers a number of benefits for hospitals, among them:

  • Grows revenue and decreases financial leakage;
  • Reduces operating costs and administrative activities;
  • Ensures finance teams are more engaged and productive;
  • Improves the patient financial experience; and
  • Helps prevent physician burn-out related to payer gamesmanship.

"Successful revenue cycle management boils down to effectively using people, processes and technology," said Justin Adams, CEO at Digitize.AI. "Partnering with Windham Brannon's healthcare experts allows us to augment the people and process pieces that they offer with innovative, easy-to-implement technology that delivers immediate return on investment. Artificial Intelligence is no longer the 'tech of the future.' Healthcare providers are using AI to cut costs, increase productivity and grow revenue in their operations."

Additionally, Digitize.AI will host the panel discussion "AI and Machine Learning in Revenue Cycle Management," at 4 p.m., on Tuesday, March 6, during the 2018 HIMSS Annual Conference & Exhibition, in Las Vegas. Digitize.AI's CEO Justin Adams will be joined by Windham Brannon's Principal Valerie Barckhoff and Emory Clinic's CFO Brooke Moore to discuss their experiences of introducing a pragmatic A.I. assistant for pre-certifications that delights employees, improves the patient financial experience, and enriches hospital financial health.

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Digitize.AI is the leading independent Artificial Intelligence firm in the Southeast. We use Machine Learning and Intelligent Automation technology to help companies digitize internal processes and create a 21st-century digital workforce. Our mission is to grow trust, transparency, and courage in our healthcare communities through the creative and pragmatic application of A.I. Visit for more information.

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