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Smartlink Health Solutions Launches First Single-Platform Solution to Help Physicians and ACOs Leverage Medicare Care Management Programs
New Software Platform improves population health, drives revenue for Annual Wellness Visits, Chronic Care Management and Behavioral Health Integration

CARY, N.C., Feb. 7, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Smartlink Health Solutions, a leading provider of value-based health solutions for primary care clinics and Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), today launched a technology refresh of the Smartlink Health Platform, delivering a single, integrated solution to help physicians easily leverage Medicare's fee-for-service care management programs. For the first time, physician practices and ACOs have all the tools they need in one place to succeed with three of Medicare's most important programs designed to reward physicians for improving patient care—Chronic Care Management (CCM), Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) and General Behavioral Health Integration (BHI).

Smartlink Health Solutions develops integrated healthcare solutions targeting wellness and chronic disease management. Smartlink’s MACRA Solution Suite includes end-to-end solutions for Annual Wellness Visits, Value-Based Chronic Care Management, and Referral Management. Smartlink’s approach to patient enrollment, operational efficiency, electronic collaboration, and care management enables providers to better coordinate care, improving outcomes. For more information, visit (PRNewsfoto/Smartlink Health Solutions)

"Smartlink AWV has streamlined the entire workflow process, from eligibility checking for preventative services to the creation of the personalized prevention plan. More importantly, it has improved productivity, so we can get to more patients faster while still providing the best quality of care," said Dr. Thomas Maynor, Chief Medical Officer, Goshen Medical Systems, whose clinics currently use Smartlink AWV and are in the process of rolling out CCM and BHI. "By having Smartlink's AWV, CCM, and BHI all on one platform, our approach to care management will be fully integrated across multiple CMS programs."

Few physician practices and ACOs have taken full advantage of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services' (CMS) fee-for-service care management programs, largely because they lack the expertise, efficient workflow processes, and tools to deploy these programs profitably.  Deploying these programs successfully and at scale requires more than just people to do the work. It requires workflow enabling technology that not only ensures 100 percent compliance with CMS requirements, but that also optimizes a practice's efficiency and long-term effectiveness of the programs. The Smartlink Health Platform is the answer. Building on Smartlink's track record of success with Chronic Care Management, the new Smartlink Health Platform integrates additional capabilities to streamline two other popular revenue-generating CMS programs—the Annual Wellness Visit and General Behavioral Health Integration.

"The Smartlink Health Platform is an integrated solution that was designed specifically to simplify the deployment, improve the efficiency and profitability, and support long-term sustainability of Medicare's AWV, CCM, and General BHI programs," said Dr. Siu Tong, CEO, Smartlink. "Now clinics can use the Smartlink Health platform to succeed at scale with as many Medicare programs they want to provide for their patients."

Smartlink Health provides both software and services to help clinics successfully deploy AWV, CCM, and General BHI.  The software platform is interoperable with all certified EHRs, allowing the system to ingest patient data in support of all three programs.  Smartlink's care team has two decades of care management experience with 1.5 million Medicare and Medicaid patients. This experience guides how the company designs software.

The refreshed platform leverages both new and existing capabilities to help optimize billable events and improve long term participation and engagement of patients in CCM and General BHI. As a clinic scales the CCM and BHI programs to hundreds of patients and multiple care managers, Smartlink's evidence based, guided dialog provides "guardrails" for the clinical support staff delivering the service. This ensures consistent, high-quality care with every patient, every month, across all care coordinators, ultimately leading to better patient satisfaction and retention in the programs.

When it comes to completing an AWV, gathering the required patient data is only part of the job. Having an efficient workflow that supports eligibility, patient outreach, and scheduling in addition to actually conducting the AWV is important to optimizing the success of the program.  Additionally, during the AWV visit, the most important piece is what is done with the data collected. Smartlink's solution automates the entire AWV workflow as well as the creation of a comprehensive, eligibility-based, personalized prevention plan.

For more information on the Smartlink Health Platform, see us at HIMSS March 5-9, 2018 at Kiosk # 9900-82.  And see Smartlink's white paper to "Jumpstart Your Transition to Value Based Care".  Finally, join Smartlink for our webinar on "Getting the Most Out of Your AWV Program".

About Smartlink Health Solutions
Smartlink Health Solutions provides a single platform that enables physicians to leverage Medicare's annual wellness, behavioral health and care management programs as a strategic bridge in the journey from fee-for-service to value-based reimbursement. The secure platform seamlessly interfaces with EMRs and can be used alone or in combination with our experienced care management services team. Either way, Smartlink's unique approach to patient enrollment, operational efficiency, and guided care engagement ensures the highest quality of preventative and chronic care management possible.

In addition, Smartlink offers patent-pending technology that accelerates data extraction across EHRs - in days versus months - and, at a fraction of the cost. For more information, visit

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