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Big Cloud Analytics Debuts EVŌ at HIMMS 17

ORLANDO, Fla., Feb. 22, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Leading the way in the next generation of data-enabled wellness platforms, Big Cloud Analytics (BCA) debuted EVŌ TM, a powerful and insightful, device independent mobile application.  According to BCA's CEO, JP Bewley, "EVŌ combines biometric, clinical- behavior, psychometric and lifestyle data to deliver an engaging, lifelong personalized wellness experience. 

Addressing the explosive growth of smart, mobile devices and the challenges of coordinating wellness programs across individuals, institutions and corporate organizations, EVŌ delivers high-powered insights in an app that's simple to use and deploy.  EVŌ's intelligence stems from the power of BCA's Covalence platform, a secure, cloud-based data, AI and reporting engine that spans a global network of wellness experience and expertise.

EVŌ adjusts to individual's habits and behaviors, making recommendations based on unique personal lifestyles. EVŌ is a powerful leap forward for individuals as well as program managers because its capabilities deliver value across corporate wellness, cost and risk management, acute care, senior care and clinical trial applications.

"We're excited to be side by side with CDW and Intel as we introduce EVO at HIMSS 2017," said JP Bewley.  "EVŌ will be commercially available April 2017 and, we're already seeing tremendous interest and engagement with our customers across the globe."

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About Big Cloud Analytics
Big Cloud Analytics leads the market in real-time predictive analytics technology for the Internet of Things (IoT). Recognized in 2015 by Intel as a Health Innovation Award Finalist and by CIO Review as one of the Top 100 most promising companies in Big Data globally, the Company provides disruptive end-to-end solutions that serves life and health insurance and other healthcare organizations, such as hospitals, pharma, senior living facilities, etc. as well as employers for population health management.


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