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FirstApprove, LLC's Chairman of the Board Dr. Ellen Shaver Announces the Launch of CopernicusMD, a Patient Focused SaaS That Allows Physicians to Assess Risk for Each Patient, and Bridge Third Party Financing to Patients When Available
You May Know Your Patient, But CopernicusMD Knows if Your Patient Can Pay

ATLANTA, Feb. 20, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Dr. Ellen Shaver, renowned neurosurgeon and Chairman of FirstApprove, LLC announced today the launch of the CopernicusMD Platform, a patient-centric (SaaS) suite designed to bring awareness and knowledge of the patient financial responsibility for any procedure to the front of the patient physician interaction. With the CopernicusMD platform, physician groups, caregivers, surgical facilities, and more will be able to utilize CopernicusMD to assess a patients' carrier eligibility, carrier pre-approval for procedures, bringing patients and third-party finance providers together within the platform when appropriate, and solving the ever growing co-pay and deductible dilemma.

"The idea for the CopernicusMD platform was to address what we feel is one of the most critical issues in Health-care as we know it: 61% of employed Americans cannot write a $5,000.00 check in the event of catastrophic illness for themselves or their family members," stated Dr. Shaver. Dr. Shaver went on to say "these are very real problems. With ever growing deductibles that are not going to be lowering, Doctors must prepare themselves for a very different series of patient pay transactions."

The change contemplated by Dr. Shaver is fueled by both a soon to be remnant Affordable Health-care Act, coupled with the uncertainty of the changes to come. Don O'Neill, recently named Executive Managing Director of CopernicusMD added, "The climate in health-care in its current state is one of extreme uncertainty. Physicians are being squeezed by all parties involved, and still must manage an ever growing patient pay responsibility portion."

O'Neill continued, "CopernicusMD providers the physician, facility, or group the ability to determine the risks associated with patient pay AR, mitigate them with platform lenders that are specifically matched to patients based on pre-qualification risk parameters, and when necessary the ability to manage recurring payments, ACH transaction, and overall portfolio management for the Physicians practice. Moreover, our system brings back all outstanding AR receivables under the physicians rooftop, engages them through our propensity model, and establishes a precise re-engagement plan to maximize internal AR collections, and remove the need for expensive, but often ineffective, outsourced collections."

CopernicusMD will be showcased at the HiMSS show in Orlando, FL this week from the 19th through the 22nd at the Orange County Convention Center, Booth 7281 in the Connected Health Experience. Interested parties can contact CopernicusMD on the web at, via email to, or by phone at (877)516-4721.

About CopernicusMD:

CopernicusMD grew out of the belief that there was a better way to manage practice cash flow and pricing transparency between patients and carriers. By assembling arguably one of the greatest teams of advisers, executives and some of the most talented coders, CopernicusMD was born. Combining a revolutionary platform with a forward-thinking process is what CopernicusMD is all about. Our team and our platform bring cutting-edge solutions to the pain points you experience in your daily practice. So whether it's checking your patients' carrier eligibility, pre-approval for procedures, bringing patients and third-party finance providers together, or solving the ever growing co-pay and deductible dilemma, CopernicusMD is a solution designed to grow your practice, contract your AR cycle, and increase your monthly cash flow.

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