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Enlitic Announces Deep Learning NLP Capabilities; Will Attend HIMSS 2017 To Meet with Partners and Stakeholders

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 13, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Enlitic, a medical deep learning company and MIT Technology Review's #14 "Smartest Company" for 2016 is excited to announce its deep learning medical natural language processing (NLP) solution, part of Enlitic's medical deep learning imaging diagnostic platform.

Enlitic Medical NLP provides meaningful comprehension of medical texts and images, enabling organizations to operationalize and commercialize their data assets. By ingesting and organizing vast quantities of data, Enlitic Medical NLP delivers relevant ancillary information and insights in response to queries, with human-level accuracy at super-human speeds. Applications include mining of historical pharmaceutical data for research, healthcare workflow optimization, drug discovery assistance, clinical study optimizations, and medical coding efficiencies.

"Healthcare organizations – hospital networks and clinics, insurers, and pharmaceutical researchers – collect vast amounts of unstructured data. Leveraging that data to create linkages will deliver immediate insights and drive efficiencies in everything from billing and coding to diagnostics and research," said Kevin Lyman, Senior Data Scientist and Engineer at Enlitic. "By rapidly reading and understanding millions of unstructured medical reports and other data, Enlitic Medical NLP can draw attention to other relevant information – such as clinical trials and results, patient histories and other medical insights."

Enlitic will be meeting with partners and stakeholders at the Healthcare Information and Management System Society's Annual Meeting HIMSS 2017 in Orlando February 19 -23 to demonstrate our Medical NLP capabilities. HIMSS 2017 will bring together over 40,000 medical-IT professionals, clinicians and executives from around the world, "providing an excellent opportunity for Enlitic to connect with partners and assist organizations as they plan for the imminent transition into medical deep learning," said Sally Daub, Executive Board Member of Enlitic.

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Enlitic Inc., is a medical deep learning company dedicated to revolutionizing diagnostic healthcare. Enlitic's artificial intelligence algorithms were engineered from the ground up by a multidisciplinary, international team of renowned data scientists, machine learning practitioners, and medical experts. Named one of the "50 Smartest Companies in 2016" by MIT Tech Review, Enlitic is headquartered in San Francisco.


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